GPS Technology-Employee monitoring

Our Company has installed GPS tracking on all service vehicles for better service call management. I wish to draft a policy communicating its intent without creating low employee morale. Has anyone drafted such a policy and willing to share?


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  • Hello, Richard, and thanks for your great question.

    As you have no doubt surmised, these types of policies are a bit of a sensitive and nuanced subject, so unfortunately we also don't have a sample policy or template of this type among our HR resources and materials. You may be best served consulting with local counsel to have a custom policy tailored to your fleet's needs.

    In general, the best practice as far as morale is concerned is to simply be honest and forthright in the policy. Provide as much specific information as possible -- which vehicles will be tracked, what will be the geographic boundary for which they will be tracked, if employees take fleet vehicles home will GPS data still be collected at that time, what type of information will be collected, how will that information be used, and will the information be used in any sort of performance or disciplinary evaluation.

    GPS tracking is a sensitive area that may raise concerns among employees no matter how carefully you craft the policy language, so the most important aspect of your policy may be the communication that accompanies it and whether employees feel that they know and understand how it will affect them.
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