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I have a friend who is campaigning for a position with a small but prestigious law firm. She is a paralegal with very specific trial skills and is having a hard time finding a position that taps into them. She has created a "Top Ten" as to why they should hire her such as loyalty, discretion, work ethic, etc. It is pretty adacious. As HR professionals - what do you think of this approach?


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  • After sifting through hundreds or sometimes thousands of resumes for a position, I do appreciate when a candidate does something to stand out. But more often than not, a super-long cover letter makes me skip right over it.

    I like the idea of a Top 10 list as long as the presentation is visually engaging and isn't mired down by more explanatory text. They key is NOT to brag about why you're different, but instead to brag about why you'd be good for the company.

    "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Years later and it's still good advice :)
  • Good points from SNC. Is she putting the top 10 in a cover letter? Adacious concerns me. . can you be more specific? The atributes you have listed, to me, are sort of canned and not very unique.
  • The only people attorneys listen to are other attorneys. She might get a good response if she could tie each of the items on her Top Ten with a one-line recommendation/quote from an attorney or judge she's worked with. The more different ones she could use, the better.
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