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Hi all,
I’m working on an article for HR Hero Line to showcase various HR pros’ favorite interview questions, and I’d love to hear yours. What questions have you found the most effective in revealing whether a candidate will make a great employee? What questions get candidates to really think and give you the kind of information you need? You also may want to pass along the questions that seem to elicit the kind of rehearsed answers that don’t tell you much. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Tammy Binford


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  • During the interview, I ask candidates to complete a Personal Vision Statement. This is a very brief two-part 'form'... On Pt. 1, they give me a sentence or two on what type of employee they want to be. On Pt. 2, they list a few behaviors or traits I should expect to see from them every day, which will allow them to be what they said they wanted to be in Pt. 1. (I give them examples for both.)

    This serves a few purposes. It provides me what should be a carefully considered opinion about what they think will make them successful. It indicates whether they can make the connection between how they behave and their success - or lack thereof.

    If they are hired, it also gives me a tool to help manage their performance later on. If an employee is not showing the right behaviors, nothing helps make the point more than revisiting their Personal Vision Statement and reminding them of what they essentially promised you before they were hired. I use it frequently with employees who don't feel they've been given adequate consideration for the promotion they so obviously deserve. It makes it much easier to part company if they are having behavioral issues, as well.
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