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If you have employees that work in the field everyday, leaving from their home going to a different site everyday can you say the first 30 minutes is personal time and if it takes longer than 30 minutes to get to a site they are on the clock and pay mileage after the first 30 minutes?


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  • From APA The Payroll Source:
    Travel as part of job: Time spent traveling as part of an employeee's daily work activity is compensable worktime, including travel from one job site to another or travel from a designated meeting place to a job site.
  • But I am not of the understanding that this typically applies from home.
  • I believe the Portal-to-Portal Act may be where you need to be looking:

    The Portal-to-Portal Act of 1947 was enacted as an amendment to the FLSA and was designed to give employees relief and to clarify the law with respect to travel and other activities before and after the work day. The Act provides that minimum wages and overtime are not required for "traveling to and from the actual place of performance of the principal activity or activities which such employee is to perform" or for "activities which are preliminary to or postliminary to said principal activity or activities," unless there is a custom or contract to the contrary.

    Examples of activities during regular work hours that generally are compensable include: coffee breaks; fire drills; meal periods if the employee is not relieved of all duties, if the employee is not free to leave his post, or if the time is less than 30 minutes; and, rest periods of 20 minutes for less. Examples of non-compensable time during regulate work hours include: absence for illness or vacation, unless paid on salary basis; meal period while on out-of-town business; training programs if attendance voluntary and not directly related to employee's present job; and, travel from home to work site and vice versa.

    We made the decision years back to pay employees for all travel time, except for their normal / everyday getting to and from work.
    Good luck.
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