OT and Comp

We are a government entity that permits comp time in lieu of paid OT. Our workweek is 37.5 hours, and anything over 37.5, but under 40 hours is "paid" at regular rate, and all over 40 is paid at 1.5x. Timekeeping 101, right! Here is the problem. When an employee works three 7.5-hour days, one 9-hour day, and misses a day of work, he/she is allowed to use sick time to make a full week. Should we limit the hours of sick leave to those required to make a full workweek, or should we allow the employee to take a full 7.5 hours of sick leave, thereby accrueing 1.5 hours of overtime (comp) @regular rate. One theory here is that, since we do not pay out sick leave upon severence from the organization, we should not allow them to use more than the number of sick leave hours required to make a full workweek because it, in effect, converts sick leave to comp time. The other theory, of course, is that we should allow the employee to use the sick leave as a full day and receive the overtime. HELP!


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