Where Have All The Lawyers Gone

....loooooong time paaaasing. Where have all the lawyers gone?

I've asked on several threads but don't think I got an answer. How come all the attorneys quit responding to questions posed from their states? And occasionally one or two would weigh in with good answers, but not always. Were they jettisoned the same time all the non dues payers were? It can't be simply coincidental that they all went away at the same time.


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  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-27-05 AT 11:19AM (CST)[/font][br][br]I'm here, does that count?

    As far as I know there is nothing keeping the lawyers away. We've kept them fed with their regular allowance of fresh meat(or pork) ...

    Frequent posters, Mike Maslanka and Teresa Gegen have recently moved firms and are responsible for opening a new office in Dallas. That may explain their absence.

    I'll send out an S.O.S. to the others. Thanks for noticing, Don.

    Anne Williams
    Attorney Editor
    M. Lee Smith Publishers, LLC
  • don: for some reason, i am not getting a notification when a MS poster comes on the forum. i have asked anne to inquire.
    Peyton Irby
    Editor, Mississippi Employment Law Letter
    Watkins Ludlam Winter & Stennis, P.A.
    (601) 949-4810
  • Don, we would love to have a lot of Forum participation from the attorneys who write our newsletters. But as you know, their participation has been fairly light and cyclical over the years.

    Last summer I made a big effort to urge more attorney participation :DD . It worked for a while, then fizzled out by November. This cycle has repeated itself many times over the years, often started by a post like yours.

    Another factor in the recent dry spell is that the entire Forum gets pretty quiet in December and January every year. xI-)

    A good number of attorneys receive automatic notifications whenever someone from their state starts a new thread in one of the "serious" sections (HR & Employment Law, FMLA / ADA / Workers' Comp, Benefits, Wage & Hour, and HR Documents). Surprisingly, though, this doesn't happen very often in any particular state.

    For example, attorney Peyton Irby of Mississippi has received only ONE notification in January even though he's in the same state as Don D and Pork x:-/ (They [b]answer[/b] a lot of serious questions but don't ask a lot.)

    James Sokolowski
  • James, you could probably trace the drop in participation to the fact that your accounting dept. stopped processing the attorneys' invoices. Everytime they answered a question, they fired off a bill for a "consultation." x;-)
  • I think attorneys stay away from the Forum for some of the same reasons that most of our subscribers don't participate. Like not knowing enough about it, or being uncomfortable with the concept of online discussion boards.

    Or they can't make the time. Lawyers don't get paid for posting on the Forum, and they're under tremendous pressure to generate revenue for their employers. (I'm sure the sales reps at Don's company get the same type of pressure to "make a buck.")

    I think it's very interesting that a good number of the attorneys have participated on the Forum and stopped. Perhaps they simply didn't like it. I'll ask around, but I don't expect to find one predominant answer.

    I deleted post #5, which was written by Anne Williams, because I discovered a hidden satanic message when I played it backward on my stereo. Now I'm going to check under my car for bombs. x:D

    James Sokolowski
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