Website crashed & got fixed

As you may have noticed (we HOPE you noticed!), crashed on Tuesday. We apologize for any inconvenience or Forum withdrawal.

Technical whiz Jim Robb fixed the problem by moving the website to a new, faster server, which he was preparing to do soon anyway. When you use the Forum and some other parts of, you might notice the web pages opening a little faster. :DD

However, there might be some technical glitches - probably not with the Forum but maybe on other parts of the website. We're trying to weed them out, but you might notice a problem we missed. As they say, a hundred eyes are better than two ... assuming that they're on 50 heads and not all crammed onto one mutant head in a B-movie xflash ... oh, never mind.... If you notice a technical glitch, please contact Customer Service at [email][/email] and describe the problem and give the web address where it happened.

Thanks for your help and understanding. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and faster from now on.

James Sokolowski


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