Margaret Morford

Just saw a resurrected post from months ago that mentioned Margaret. What happened to her?


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  • She's on the country music circuit out of Brentwood. Did you not know she's a backup singer for Travis Tritt? She's in charge of the bus and sandwiches too.
  • I am alive, and honored that you asked about me. Don D is only partially correct. I am on the road earning my living, but definitely not singing! I've been traveling quite a bit teaching and speaking. I spoke at SHRM National this year and hoped to run into some of you. I'll be speaking at the Advanced Employment Law Symposium in Atlanta and Las Vegas in October and November on "Power, Politics and Influence - What They Don't Teach You in Business School." I hope to see some of you there.

    I'll try to be more regular in the Forum. I still get e-mails from people asking for stuff, so I'm still participating, but have not been reading the posts for a while. I missed you guys! Thanks for checking on me!

    Margaret Morford
    The HR Edge, Inc.
  • Thanks for taking time to respond. I just wanted to make sure that nothing had happened to a fellow "Volunteer".
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