Tomorrow....Friday...Goodbye FORUM



  • Crap. Wish I'd thought of that. Told you I don't have a criminal mind. Not even in the least bit devious. x0:)
  • HRQ, that's not what Beagle tells me.
  • He has a big mouth. Now I'll have to kill you. x;-)
  • I'll still be checking in over the weekend; I think it's wrong to cut me off while some of the topics I posted in are still going.

    What happens when I receive the REMINDER e-mails about a new message, but I can't get in to the forum? That's just plain cruel.

    I'm going to reply to each one with an obscene message. I hope they all go back to James.

    I'm on the forum calendar in January 2005. Sorry guys, you're not rid of me yet.

    Please keep in touch! [email][/email]

  • Everyone: If you DIDN'T receive an e-mail message explaining the conversion a couple of weeks ago, please check that your Forum account has your correct e-mail address. We'll be sending everyone another e-mail message over the weekend, and I think we have some outdated e-mail addresses.

    cebudragonlady, KAMINSKI, mcmel, mushroomHR, Pricehcs, rad, SMace/twin: Please check your e-mail (the e-mail address listed on your account).

    James Sokolowski
  • FOR EVERYONE'S INFORMATION: I have just renewed my membership and signed the check for the amount of $197.00 which includes a $50.00 Professional Discount. ML Smith is not ripping anyone off, this may have been generated by the forum's discussions on this subject.

    James, Anne, Tony the check is in the mail!


  • I thought I had said my good byes yesterday, but must have been too emotionally distraght to think straight.
    My correct email address is: [email][/email]. Combined home and work addresses in error.

    Again..thanks to one and all. You will be missed.

  • >FOR EVERYONE'S INFORMATION: I have just renewed
    >my membership and signed the check for the
    >amount of $197.00 which includes a $50.00
    >Professional Discount. ML Smith is not ripping
    >anyone off, this may have been generated by the
    >forum's discussions on this subject.
    >James, Anne, Tony the check is in the mail!

    Pork, (or anyone from MLS)
    What is the professional discount? My bill was for $277, which is the amount I paid. Maybe I just didn't read it closely enough? Last year I even got a t-shirt with the deal... x;-)

    The price is worth it to me, and fortunately my boss sees the value too. I'm glad so many of you are able to stay, and I'm sorry so many of you aren't.

    I hope you find a good place to share your wisdom and learn from others, and I hope we all cross paths again.
  • You know, I got the e-mail from MLS a couple of weeks ago, and was so busy I didn't pay much attention to the content, since it said I was a member. The significance didn't hit me until I started reading this thread today.

    Wow - I HATE to lose any of the contributors to the Forum!!! Member or not, everyone who has responded to any of my posts has given me great insight.

    Has MLS given any thought to having a "Forum Only" membership at a reduced rate?

    A few of you have specifically mentioned that you're disappearing, but I'm sure there are many more as well. It'll be a different Forum when I log on next week. I'll miss your contributions, and wish there were some way to ensure your continued participation!!!
  • This is for FHR...she tried to log on to post her email but couldn't so she asked me to do it for her...


  • It wasn't a pretty sight but I begged my boss to let me subscribe to one of the services so I could stay on the Forum. He said, "OK"! Guess I'll be hanging around for awhile yet... Whew!
  • Goodbye to everyone that has to leave. Your experience and contribution to this forum has truly made it a valuable source of information and discussion. My hope is that you will be able to find a way to subscribe to the law letter of your state and thereby gain the access to the forum. If you can't argue the point of the forum's benefit, hopefully you can argue the point of the necessity of relevant state employment law decisions delivered to your inbox every month. I wish you all the best and hopefully I'll see you on the SHRM site.
  • Chari, you and many others will be truly missed. I don't post as often as I'd like but being only a part-timer in HR I certainly can say with all honesty that I have learned more here than in any seminar or newsletter.

    Though a paid member now, no guarantees the boss will approve another year with the $50 increase. If not, xhugs and x:* to everyone and a big THANKS for the memories...
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-16-04 AT 03:36PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Good bye to everyone who will no longer be with us. I feel like I'm leaving family members on some distant island without a cell phone. Take care, I'll miss you all.

  • Goodbye to those who have to leave. It's strange that so many can feel like on big family just through written word contact, but there it is. xhugs
  • Well, it's fate accompli - or something like that. I just checked in after not participating for a few months on the Forum. I knew there had been discussion of excluding non-members for awhile, didn't realize the policy had been established.

    That's really too bad. I always enjoyed reading, learning and sharing with all of you. The new job I took is not in HR and so when I've been lurking, it didn't feel appropriate to participate. I will miss this group a lot. Good luck to all of you. I hope to join the HR world again someday and will be able to find a group as helpful and fun as all of you have been.

    Best wishes!
  • Bye! I'm gone too! I will miss you all. I too have learned SO much, felt relief when others understood where I was coming from, and my favorite part was all the laughs. Thanks to everyone who contributed so much - you made a tremendous impact on my professional life (and, ok, personal life at times too! :) )
  • Just wanted to add my two cents, since I can't afford to add my $197.

    Thanks to everyone who has responded to graciously via this forum. I've received great advice when I needed it and learned so much from reading the posts over the years.

    This has been a tremendous resource for those of us who are in smaller companies or who don't have immediate access to wise, learned elders to show us the ropes.

    I'll miss the jokes, the recipes, the advice and the people. Good luck and God speed - Yreka
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