Flipping the switch

Well, we're flipping the switch to convert the Forum to a subscriber-only service. To everyone who's leaving, I want to say goodbye and thank you for all that you've added to the Forum community.

James Sokolowski


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  • What's the magic number you came up with that will allow some to stay around for several months?
  • The switch has been flipped, and we've deactivated non-subscribers' Forum accounts. I think the Forum will be a bit quiet for a while, but then people who don't post a lot will step up to fill the void. And the people who have been turned off by recent discussions should slowly return. It's good to see discussions about HR topics are still going on.

    Many of you know that the Forum software is quirky and a bit unpredictable. But here's what we think xpray the effects of the big change will be.

    The next time you leave the Forum and come back, you might end up on the Lobby page without being logged in. This is probably a one-time thing.

    If you're not logged in, you can read messages but can't post a message. You can tell that you're not logged in because there are only a couple of icons at the top of the page, and one of them says "Login."

    Click the Login button to sign in. In the login box, most people can just type the first letter of their screen name and their computer will fill in the password.

    The people whose Forum accounts have been deactivated, we think they can still get on the Forum but not post. Same with guests. In the future this will change and you'll have to be a member (subscriber) to read all the posts, but we're not there yet.

    If you have questions about your account in particular, give a holler to your customer service representative at [email]Forum@mleesmith.com[/email] or (800) 274-6774.

    James Sokolowski
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