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In case you haven't received an e-mail about this, I want to let you know that we'll be converting the Employers Forum into a subscriber-only service in a few weeks.

I expect this will be a difficult change for some people. We really don't want to lose anyone, but we think this change will improve the Forum as a whole. We've talked about this for several years, and now the time has come.

Starting July 19, Forum members will have to be subscribers to one of our employment newsletters: your state Employment Law Letter, Federal Employment Law Insider, HR Insight, benefits newsletter, or workers' comp newsletter.

I think most Forum members are already subscribers. If you subscribe to one of these newsletters, you can use the Forum at no extra cost.

Limiting membership will have several benefits. You can be more confident that other Forum members are really in HR or related jobs, since they have to be a subscriber to join the Forum. It's not a foolproof system, but it's pretty good. And the new system should improve customer service for the Forum.

The Forum is great as it is now, and we'd love for everyone to stay as a member. I know this change may be rough on some people, so I really hope we can work everything out.

James Sokolowski


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  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-25-04 AT 12:52PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Have you considered a subscription fee for the Forum only? That I would be interested in; otherwise, I won't be visiting the Forum anymore and for that I'm sorry. I will miss everyone and all the interaction between HR professionals. Too bad money is a motivator for MLS.

    Edit: Many of us are already members of SHRM. Perhaps those of us who don't want to spring for a subscription to MLS can switch over to SHRM's Forum.
  • mushroomHR, I answered your question about the fee-for-Forum in one of the other threads about this topic:

    James Sokolowski
  • James-

    You say that the "fee" will ensure that Forum members are really HR professionals. A number of the Forumites now have hundreds, even thousands of posts - these are professionals, even though no fee is paid now. Look through their posts, and you can see the dedication these posters have toward the HR profession, even though no fee is paid now.

  • I only found out about this change because I check the forum everyday. I did not receive an e-mail letting me know this would happen. I'm sad that it will happen as I do not have it in my budget to continue. I visit your website to see what's happening on the Forum and in turn this exposes me to all you have to offer everyday. I can't say how often I will visit your website without the ability to visit the Forum.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-25-04 AT 02:11PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Excellent point CGruyters! The same goes for me!
  • Ditto!

    I am not a frequent poster, but I am an avid reader of this forum. This is where I start much of my research when dealing with laws, policies and situations. Where else can you get input from HR professionals in all types of environments and locations? I belong to the local SHRM chapter and there is no way I could get the amount of information from them that I get from this forum. Since I am not a subscriber, I am sorry to see it limited in this way. It has helped me grow as an HR professional and I will miss it.
  • We'd hate to lose all of you - and no, it's not that we just want your money. $$$ I hope you'll look for some way that you could subscribe to one of the newsletters that will include Forum access:

    Last week several people said they'd cut costs elsewhere in order to subscribe. But I realize that's not always possible.

    James Sokolowski
  • I agree with Don (surprise). I have only been in HR for 4 and some years. I always thought that when I did join a company that had a budget that could afford a subscription I would order them from this site. Now I have my doubts. MLS is cutting off thousands of potential customers. Bad idea.
    Why don't those of us who find this MLS move "cutting us off at the knees" create our own website? It's not that hard.
  • If I got the email I must have deleted it or our new spam filter took it. I don't have a subscription but my boss does so what do I need to do, who do I call or who do I email? I rarely post (mostly only when I find something offensive and feel a need to defend the "underdog") but I read all the time and would like to continue to do so.
  • Call our customer service department at 800/274-6774 and they can get you fixed up in a jiffy.

    Anne Williams
    Attorney Editor
    M. Lee Smith Publishers, LLC
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