Chocolate Lava Cake

I lived in Dallas Texas for 12 years and there was a restaurant named McQuires that had the best ever chocolate lava cake I have ever eaten. I can not find their recipe. There are alot of recipes out there for this but none compare. Does anyone know where I can find their recipe?


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  • I'm not familar with the recipe, but try a google search. You'll get more recipes than you want, but you might get lucky and find just the right one.
  • Here's a little secret for a major shortcut to great lava cake: Dr. Oetker's (brand) mix. I've bought these mixes at World Market and they're great. They're all chocolate lava, but in different varieties the "lava" is flavored with raspberry, Irish cream, and I think there's one that's chocolate mint. I'm not big on cake mixes but this one is GOOD. And it even comes with four individual foil cups to make the little cakes in.

    They also carry Dr. Oetker's at Central Market, which you may have heard of or remember from your Dallas days, depending on how it's been since you lived there. If you don't have a World Market where you live, maybe you have an upscale grocery store similar to CM that carries this brand.
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