Most ridiculous lawsuit ever


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  • Even if this thing is thrown out, ramifications will result. Here in the Land of 10,000 Frivolous Lawsuits Filed By Morons, there was a lawsuit a few years back from a ...moron who claimed food poisoning from a church potluck. It was thrown out, but the result?

    Our Elected Elite (morons who know how to talk, campaign, and get elected) decided to "take action" against such reckless, careless, dangerous culinary display by the church ladies that we now have a law forbidding this very thing. All food served at churches, or wherever, must be prepared on site in state approved facilities.

    Our churches annual salad luncheon was recently changed to accomodate the new law after our Head Church Lady was "notified" by the state of the dastardly situation the CL's had created by sponsering such a horrific event and that it was against the law. So after hearing from the newly created State Department of Potlucks and Fruit Stands, our Head CL got up in front of the congregation and, with much sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek, proceeded to explain the "changes" the CL's were undertaking to comply with "this critical, lifesaving piece of legislation". Cracked me up.
  • The dry cleaners ought to counter sue for harassment and mental anguish. This is the most ridiculous lawsuit ever. If he hadn't gotten too fat he wouldn't have needed to have his pants let out. Unbelievable what he has put those people through. He puts the "scum" in "scumbag lawyer."
  • That is ridiculous!!! I cannot believe this has gone on for 2 years now. No wonder the rest of the free world laughs at our justice system. We're the crazy Americans who sue for everything - from hot coffee at McDonalds to missing pants.
  • Oh my gosh, don't get me started on the McDonald's coffee spill case. That's got to be one of the most widely misreported cases in the media ever. What is typically cited as the quintessential frivolous lawsuit was actually not frivolous by any means.

    (uh oh, you got me started)

    What most people don't realize (and what the media almost never mentioned) is that McDonald's required its franchises to serve their coffee at a temperature so hot that it would cause THIRD DEGREE BURNS in 2-7 seconds. Think about that. You spill some coffee on yourself and fail to get it off you within seconds, and next thing you know, your skin needs replacing. Not to mention McDonald's knew this - it had received 700 claims for coffee burns over the previous ten years, yet McDonald's continued to serve its coffee much hotter than many other coffee-sellers. The woman who spilled coffee on herself (she was *not* driving, by the way, contrary to many reports - she was, in fact, in the passenger's seat, being driven by her grandson, and her grandson had completely parked the car so that she could add cream and sugar to her coffee. It was when she removed the lid that the backlash from removing the lid caused the coffee to spill on her lap) suffered third-degree burns over six percent of her skin and other burns over 16% of her skin, resulting in her being hospitalized for eight days and undergoing multiple skin grafts.

    After all that, all the woman asked for was that McDonald's pay $20,000 to cover her hospital bills. McDonald's makes that much money *from coffee alone* in 39 minutes. McDonald's refused, however, as it did the woman's subsequent attempts to settle for much less than what the jury awarded, and even what the jury award was ultimately reduced to.

    I mean, there are still reasonable arguments to be made on each side of this case, but this was not a situation where "dumb woman drives with coffee between her legs then decides to sue when she gets a little burn as a result." (I know you didn't say that, but people typically do). This was a woman who suffered very severe injury and medical costs through little fault of her own, who just wanted McDonald's to cover her medical bills.

    So please find some other, actually frivolous lawsuit to demonstrate the supposed ridiculousness of our justice system - it shouldn't be too hard!

  • >So please find some other, actually frivolous
    >lawsuit to demonstrate the supposed
    >ridiculousness of our justice system - it
    >shouldn't be too hard!

    Whoa. Didn't mean to set that off! Thank you for setting the record straight. Despite the case's merits, you must admit that it is often showcased as the posterboy for America's frivolity, whether correctly regarded as such or not.

    Will anyone else be offended if I refer to the lawsuits against fast food chains, alleging they are to blame for people's obesity? Come on people - when does it end?

  • You mean I can blame McD's for being an overweight middle aged man? I gotta go see my lawyer.
  • Sorry; those who tried this tack lost their case.
  • > Despite the
    >case's merits, you must admit that it is often
    >showcased as the posterboy for America's
    >frivolity, whether correctly regarded as such or

    I know it is - that's why it's so frustrating.

    >Will anyone else be offended if I refer to the
    >lawsuits against fast food chains, alleging they
    >are to blame for people's obesity? Come on
    >people - when does it end?

    Well except those cases were dismissed, which is an indication that our justice system works, not that it's broken. It was the litigants in that case who were effed up, not the system. So as an example of frivolity, yeah, it works. As an example of why people should laugh at our justice system, not so much (IMHO).

  • >The dry cleaners ought to counter sue for
    >harassment and mental anguish."

    Defendants should also sue for all their legal fees in addition to their pain, suffering & loss of business. According to today's paper, the guy suing is a sitting judge making over $100,000 per year. The money is there if the dry cleaner decides to counter sue. There is also talk of disbarring this creep & removing him from the bench.

  • As practicing HR professionals we are obligated to remain objective and empathic to the plights of others. Perhaps this lawyer turned judge is simply pointing out the ridiculousness (word?) of the legal system by continuing to pursue this claim. And then again, maybe he wants to go into the dry cleaning business when he retires and this is one method to procure a business cheap! Or maybe he is as he appears, a total a___ole. That's staying objective.

  • After reading about how much money the dry cleaners has paid already in legal fees, I vote for a___ole.

    On the upside, many people out there are letting him know how they feel so now he will be on the end of it for awhile.
  • I want to know what kind of moron is upset because he couldn't wear an $800 pair of pants underneath a robe while sitting behind a bench.

    This guy make Mike Nifong look like a judicial superstar.
  • Just saw that the judge dismissed the case against the dry cleaners, and ordered the plaintiff to pay their court costs. Yet to be decided are the dry cleaners' legal costs. Now the plaintiff should be defrocked and disbarred and castr...... oops, too far...

  • Wonder if there'll be a countersuit now. The dry cleaners could sue legitimately for pain and anguish.
  • Sure, you could disbar him... but he really deserves to be de-pantsed!
  • Ahhh, the voice of experience!! Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  • I was wondering when Frank would make a pants comment.
  • What is most amazing is what gets covered in the news and what doesn't. I never knew that about the McDonald's case. Why? Because it wouldn't sell. Sadly what sells is anything that keeps the American public riled up for say, about 10 minutes. Our life is controlled by 10 minute tabloid punches, we make decisions on our existence based on media manipulation. Sounds pretty dramatic but look around you, what do you really know about life? Paris got out of jail today and she is a changed woman-Wow!

  • Yeah there was a lot of Paris coverage on Fox and CNN tonight.

    What I find most amusing is when they talk about how much the media is talking about it.

  • Paris was in jail? What everybody who lives in Paris, France was jailed? Where'd they find a jail big enough to hold all those people. What are you guys talking about?
  • I just read this morning that US weekly will not put her on their cover and refuses to run photos of her inside the magazine or even mention her name. Funny how they had to issue a press release to detail what they are NOT going to cover. Puh-lease. With all that is going on in the world today, I can't believe they can't find anything else worth talking about.
  • Diversions from reality, making stars out of wannabes, glorifying the stupid. Escapes from the real world seem to be more and more important to our shallow populace, present company excepted of course.

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