The Minnesota Sting

Here in the Land of 10,000 Darwin Award Wannabes, the Minnesota Sate Police held a sting operation yesterday. There is a much violated law here that says when you approach police cars that have motorists pulled over, you must merge into the next lane over to avoid any possible collision with officers or their vehicles.

The state police set up a section of highway and then publicized WHEN AND WHERE the sting would take place. It was in the newspapers and on the news, compltete with map of exact location and time of sting.

The way the sting went down is that one trooper would nab speeders and a second trooper would then wait for those who did not observe the "move over law" and then stop them.

The sting nabbed 150 of Minnesota's most likely to end up on the "Are You Smarter Than Fifth Grader" show.


On this same day, a guy robs a bank in St. Paul and gets away. However, the bank employees give a description of his vehicle to the police. The robber speeds on down the road right into the teeth of the ongoing sting. Caught.

These people are supposed to be in session at the legislature. What are they doing driving around?!!!


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