Now I've gone and done it (resigned)

My last day in the world of HR will be August 25. I'm dropping everything and running off to the beach.

No, really, I did resign my position, but the bosses insist I stick around for three weeks to "wrap things up." I've not liked this job since I got it three and a half years ago, and now that I have very little tying me to this town since my husband died, I'm seriously considering moving. I've not been trying to figure out what I should do with the rest of my life, but rather how much I can get away with and for how long. I've decided that I'm going to go back to school and FINALLY get my BS in computers, and see where in the world that will take me. But first I'm going to go shave my head, get a tattoo and a tan. (Not really!)

I may pop back in here from time to time after I leave, if just for the entertainment value. I would like, however, to express my appreciation to the members of this forum for their insightfullness, their willingness to share advice and experiences, their ability to pull up short on the leash, and their general frankness and honesty. I feel I learned a lot. You all have a very valuable tool here at your fingertips - don't abuse it.


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  • Abby, it sounds like you've thought through your options and are making the best decisions for YOU. You'll surely be missed here when you finally do strike out to greener pastures. But please come back and visit as soon and as often as possible!

    Cheryl C.
  • I wish you good fortune and happy times. Stop in to say "hi" when you get a chance. Bon voyage!
  • I hate to see you leave God's country but understand that you need to go forward with your life. You will be missed by many.
    By the way, we have a very good Computer program just a bit east of you....
    Keep your faith in God and you will have help in making the right decisions...
    Good luck to you,
    ps: I strongly recommend that you really put some more thought into shaving your head before you do so.
  • Oh, I won't shave it completely, I've got some bald spots and indentations that would look hideous. But I'd really like to do something like Susan Powter had. And even if I did shave, I wouldn't do it [i]just before going to the beach...[/i]

    Are you saying Westminster has a good set of computer courses?
  • Yep. The computer science program is part of their Math Dept. I may be a bit biased as my better half is the Head of the Math Dept. and she teaches computer science.
    Best of luck to you...
  • Abby, congratulations. I do envy you. I've been on vacation since last Thursday and thinking how nice it would be to live this life full time - traveling around the country seeing the sights.

    Please stop in occasionally to let us know how you're doing.
  • Do you mean to say that staying in HR is voluntary? One is free to leave at anytime? Hmmm...

    Seriously, best wishes in your next endeavours. Change can be scary but its also exciting. New challenges, new horizons!

    Thanks for being part of the forum family.
  • Paul, if you've made a commitment to HR, I'm sure you can't just leave "at any time"; my commitment wasn't to HR, but to the employer who needed someone in HR. I think I just have to take this once in a lifetime opportunity, considering all the other life-changing events going on.

    And this is one of the reasons: [url][/url]
    I've found me a rocker dude / boy toy. It was his suggestion to head to the beach...
  • I applaud (and somewhat envy!) your gutsy life-changing decision. I wish you the best, wherever this path takes you. Keep us posted...and meanwhile, rest assured you'll be a tough act to follow.
  • Abby, I'd recommend some time at the beach before you head back to school! :>) You have been a wonderful contributor and we have learned lots from you, too. Now, we've learned that life is too short and there's no time like the present. Please do poke your head in once in a while and give us an update. We'll miss you.
  • I sincerely wish you the best in your new future. It can be scary, but it also feels good to know you are in charge of your life. We will certainly miss you. x:'(

    Good luck!

  • Nae, I may be moving to your neck of the woods: all my family are in Kansas (Wichita, Hutchinson, and Emporia).
  • You'll be welcome here in Topeka, but you might want to wait a few weeks for things to cool down. Today it was 105.

    If you are used to the midwest though, no problem. lol

  • atrimble,

    When you get finished with your escapade and complete school we not only have both Micron Technologies and Hewlett Packard based here in Boise, but we have some of the most beautiful mountains, fishing, camping, hot springs, ski resorts, ATV trails, and Snowmobiling anywhere in the world.

    I just went on a fantastic trip down the Payette River in some of the most trecherous and exciting white water rapids in the nation.

    I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world and you are welcome to our state.

    Sorry you are leaving the list, but yes, HR can be very challenging at times.


  • Actually, I've been through Idaho and also loved it. The Grand Tetons kick all the other continental ranges' butts! And you're not far from the desert, the "temperate" rain forest, the wilderness or the ocean. I've seriously thought about disappearing into the north country for years. Years ago, I actually joked to friends that when my husband dies I am moving to Maine or Idaho. Oh, and I LOVE onions - one of my favorite childhood memories was waking up from a nap in the back of grandpa's RV and seeing miles upon miles of onion fields - nirvana! I thought I was still dreaming!

    Oh, and to set the record straight - I really do like my duties as an HR professional - I enjoy most of the challenges. But the agency where I work is going through turmoil and everyone is scrabbling for position before some major administrative changes are foisted on us in the next two years, and I'm not a power broker. I'd be pushed out eventually, anyway, so I figure I ought to just move on before I become totally disillusioned with social/civil service.
  • Onions and Mint fields. I love the smell of the mint field driving by right after they are cut and waiting to dry and be harvested. Yes, we have onions, red, white, yellow onions.

    I am actually going to do just that in a few years. We bought a cabin in a little mountain town a few hundred feet from the Payette and when we retire we will be there.

  • Abbey, the scariest step is the first and by making your decision, you've already taken it! Good luck to you and enjoy the rest of your life...after is yours!
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