Outed by LarryC :>)

Here's a little good news to start the week - as noted by Larry in the bad joke thread, I am feeling quite blessed. My husband and I are expecting a baby in March! It is our first, so we're very excited, a little nervous, and not quite sure that reality has set in yet.

So if anybody has any "new parent" advice, we're trying to learn all we can!


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  • Hey Lenetta, Congratulations to you and Hubby!!! You have good reason to feel excited and nervous. It's going to change your lives forever. I remember feeling as you do oh about 24 years ago. Wow do I sound old.

    Advice? I could write volumes!!! Our daughters have given me life experiences akin to going on that super tall roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. It's been an exciting ride but at times I thought my heart was going to stop. We're best friends still.

    Embrace each and every stage with anticipation and wonder. Be the kind of friend you wanted your parents to be when you were growing up. Don't threaten anything that you really wouldn't do. Oh, and model the adult you want them to grow up to be. Teach them forgiveness early and often. We all need it. Listen, listen, listen to them...and don't be afraid to discipline them. They'll love you for it later...Trust me!
  • You've been outed by Larry and the announcement is an anticipated baby???? Sounds fishy. Wonder if Larry's trophy wife knows about this.
  • Lenetta, get your sleep now. For the next 18 years you will forget about what a good night's sleep is.
  • What wonderful news! My second girl was born in March! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Here's a good piece of advise:

    You sleep when the baby sleeps. I always thought I could get in that extra load of laundry or watch TV or something. Forget about it. You'll finally collapse a week later. When I finally accepted that, things went a lot smoother.

  • Hmm... just off the top of my head.

    1. Love your spouse. Love is a decision not a feeling.
    2. Be honest and admit your failings.
    3. Be consistent with them.
    4. Consider getting rid of your TV.
    5. Pray for them.
    6. Create traditions.
    7. Let them be kids as long as possible.
    8. Don't buy new toys if they aren't playing with the ones they have.
    9. Each child has a unique personality. Don't force them to be something they may not be.
    10. Don't beat yourself up if they aren't perfect. Kids really do go through "stages". Relax.
  • Paul, if I was a kid I would really take issue.....let me rephrase here.

    Paul, I really take issue with #8. Boy, it's a good thing my wife doesn't hold me to THAT one. Don't anyone let her see this.
  • Oh Yeah, Lenetta, pay attention to Paul's list. It's great.

    Too late, Larry. Your wife's been watching the forum closely since acquiring her new Title. She will be making drastic adjustments to your Christmas List this year.
  • Congratulations! My son and daughter-in-law had their first child Friday evening, went home from the hospital Sunday afternoon. Madalyn Grace weighed in a 8 lbs. 14 oz. She was 3-weeks early! I think they may have miscalculated. Spoke with my son today. He said no one slept very much last night. I, of course, offered my motherly wisdow "Get used to it". I don't think he was impressed. :) They are all doing well and she is lucky to have them as parents.
    Again, congratulations and stay healthy.
  • Congrats Lenetta! Everyone tells you your life will change completely and you think you know what they mean ... you have no idea. You won't really understand until one day after the baby is born when you're eating a meal at 9:00 but you're so tired that you don't know whether it's a.m. or p.m. and you're having an utterly facinating conversation about baby poop -- then you realize that you've never felt happier in your life.

    My parenting advice? Avoid the mindset where the new mom (along with every other woman in the family, daycare center, grocery store, and pretty much the whole world) thinks that the dad only "helps" take care of the kid. You're equal partners. If you can't stand to see him put on her clothes backwards and warm her bottle in his underarm ... then go take a nap.

    James Sokolowski
  • How exciting HRCalico!

    Good for you guys! x:-)
  • Congratulations! I see you have received lots of good advice. Mine would be 1) be consistant (whether you are strict or lax, consistancy is the key), 2) try not to ever discipline them in anger, but don't beat yourself up if you find yourself overreacting to things, 3) tell them, and show them, you love them every single day and 4) accept them for who they are, no matter who that is.

    Our girls are all grown now, and only one is under 30. The youngest is expecting her 3rd child anyday now. Love really does make the world go round.

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND HUBBY! How exciting....I loved being pregnant! All the advice is great. Here's my addition to the list:

    1. Pick your battles. If it's won't matter ten years from now don't worry about it.

    2. Whatever it is "this too shall pass".

    3. Love them and hug them.
  • Use common sense and do what feels right to YOU. You will be advised to;

    Be tougher
    Don't be so tough
    Don't spank
    Breast feed
    Velcro on shoes
    Sanitize the binky
    Occasionally rinse the binky
    Send the child to childcare
    Keep the child home until Kindergarten
    "Force" them into a sleep schedule
    Let them sleep whenever they are tired

    The list goes on. None of these are right or wrong, necessarily, as long as it's done with love.

    I'm so excited for you! My boys are 4 and 6 and I don't expect to have a clean house, eat a hot meal, or get a full night's sleep for at least another 14 years. (OK, It's not THAT bad...!)

    Let us know whenever you need advice! We'll give you all kinds of conflicting answers and you can pick your favorite. x:-)

  • Thanks for the advice, everbody! So, Lori, what you're telling me, is that parenting is exactly like HR? Heck, I'm set! :>)
  • Yes, in HR I recommend spanking, sanitized binkies and a forced sleep schedule.

    If any of you's guys try to claim I implied something off color with the "spanking" comment, I'm gonna come over there and hurt you.

  • Hahaha - I meant the conflicting advice and use-your-common-sense part! Whoo, that was a good laugh.
  • Sounds off color to me. I mean, how off color can you get!

    OK, HRQ, come on over and hurt me. x)>
  • Larry, you're a bad boy. Go stand in the corner for a time out.
  • I meant it as a form of punishment, not whatever you happened to read in to it, LarryC. Maybe I should have deleted my comment the moment it occurred to me that I would inspire this kind of behavior.

    Next time I'll just hit the delete button, grab my binky and take a nap. x:D

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