cranial aerobics

Hi all:

Yesterday we had our Employee Appreciation Day and we ended up going with Cranial Aerobics. The employees played a lot of games designed to get you to think quickly and differently. For example, a table was set up with a variety of small objects and toys. The employees had to pick up one and name it, but the name could not resemble in any way what the item actually was. For instance, someone picked up a plastic dalmation and said nurse and was booted off because nurses are associated with white.

In general the employees were in a group playing together (ie: in a circle tossing a ball to each other and trying to come up with quick answers). I had to sit out most of it (I had my gall bladder removed last Thursday), but I still had as much fun as the employees.

In the end we took a test of our 'cranial fitness.' The 6 questions are below. Can you figure them out? (Please don't answer if you have seen one before and therefore know the answer.)

1.) One of my friends recently had their appendix removed. That's called an appendectomy. When I was little I had my tonsils removed. That is called a tonsillectomy. What was it called when they removed a growth from my husband's head?

2.) Last week I went into a bar and asked the bartender for a glass of water. The man pulled a gun from under the counter and waved it in my face. I thanked him and left. Why?

3) A man wakes up in the middle of the night to get some water. He turns off the light and goes back to bed. The next morning he looks out the window and realizes that he will be fired from his job. Why?

4.) A man is driving down the highway at 55 mph. Three cars race past by him going 60 mph. Why did the police officer pull him over and give him a ticket?

5.) I go to a hardware store. After finding what I need I ask the clerk how much one is. She says 20 cents. I ask how much for 12? She says 40 cents. I need 112. How much will that cost me?

6). Tommy's mother has three children. The first child's name is Penny (imagine a penny). The second child's name is Nick (imagine a nickle). What is the third child's name (imagine a quarter)?

No looking up on the web either! How'd you do?



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