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  • My mom and dad are flying in from Omaha to visit us for the week. Temps are supposed to cool down to low-mid 90's this weekend so we will spend some time outside.

    I think I mentioned in another post somewhere that we'll spend a lot of time in the back yard play pool, filled with bubble bath (easy way to get my 4 and 6 year old boys clean) and eat popsicles. We also usually go through a lot of beer. xB-)
  • A backyard pool filled with bubble bath sounds fun!

    We will mostly be working...yard, house, finances, etc. We do have a family party planned for Sunday afternoon.

    Have a good one!

  • Hey, a bubble bath anywhere sounds good to me right now. :-)

    Cheryl C.
  • So anyone else working today? In the resort/hospitality industry, you work most holidays.
  • Yep, I worked Monday. I put a 2nd coat of paint on the porch floor, vacuumed my car after shampooing the carpeting Saturday, cut the grass, spread weed/feed fertilizer, spread some more pea gravel on the path out back, raked up schizocarps, grilled barbecue ribs and ate cake.
  • I think Paul meant "gainful" employment. :-)

    Happy Belated Birthday,Ray!!
  • Ray, is that how you celebrate your birthday? Next time, celebrate at my house, will you?

  • Why, do you have a lot of schizocarps?
  • My whole weekend just blended and now is all blurred together so I have to tell you about all the highlights.

    Between Saturday morning and Sunday morning I put about 480 miles on my car driving between my NH home and the homes of friends in NY and VT. I got back to Concord in time for a 2-hr meeting at church before going home. When I could finally break away I was so looking forward to a peaceful shower and nap but it sure didn't work that way. Upon reaching home my hopes for sleep were dashed by a line of cars and balloons tied to the mail box. My daughters had planned a surprise birthday party for me. Everyone did a great job keeping it a total secret! I played volleyball, got a ride on a Harley, tried out some roller blades and ate cake. People hung around until 11 p.m.

    Yesterday I did work all-day at a yard sale and I have the sunburn to prove it.

    Cheryl C.
  • Happy birthday, Cheryl! Did you get to KEEP the Harley? x:-)

    My husband, parents and I played in the playpool, took the kids to a park, went to see the war memorials then took the kids to Peter Piper Pizza for skeeball.

    The anchor and mast of the USS Arizona are in the memorial park, which my boys liked.

    The Vietnam Memorial in Phoenix has a series of walls with names of AZ fallen troops engraved on them. My four-year-old ran his hand down a bunch of names and said "who's going to make this stop?" I have no idea whether or not he knew what he was talking about, but it made us all stop for a minute.

    There's also a memorial to fallen AZ K-9 animals. My dad said his grandparents' German Shepherd was drafted for the first WW. He didn't know how exactly how a dog gets drafted, but he said he has copies of the training papers (doggie boot camp, I suppose) and documentation of the dog's tours of duty. I think he said the dog served four times, then came home safely to stay. I thought that was fascinating.

  • No, Lori, but oh I wish! It went home with the owner and I'm sure my neighbors didn't appreciate hearing it go down the road at nearly 11 p.m. oh well...

    It's so good that you are helping to instill in your kids the appreciation for their freedom and the price that has been paid for it. We went to Pearl Harbor when we visited Hawaii last fall. I was moved to tears by the experience.

  • Who gets to write post #300? Should we let Paul do it or whoever gets here first?
  • We are going to place bets on who writes thread #300.

    Personally, I will be glad when its all over.
  • It does take a long time to load this one so you can read the new messages. However, when I start to get frustrated I remind myself that I don't have to look in here in the first place.

    I didn't get to see any family after all. Plus, we spent a lot of time in our yard trimming the monster hedge. I swear, that thing is coming out next year if I have to dig it out with my bare hands!

    We did watch some war movies on Monday while we were doing some things around the house. We were forced inside by some bad weather. It wouldn't be Memorial Day weekend without bad weather around here.

    Good luck!

  • Only 75 more posts to go. I too will be glad to get on to other challenges. But for those with very slow computers, try viewing only the new posts instead of clicking on "View All".

    I think Paul should have the honor of posting last...but he'll probably post something that someone will answer and then the darn thing will never die...

    Happy Wednesday anyway everyone!
  • I think the word "honor" might be a bit strong. I have a bad feeling about this thread now.

    Nae, speaking of war movies. We watched "Saints and Soldiers" on Monday. Its based on real events and very well done. The film was shot for under one million dollars which is quite a big deal anymore.

    Its not Saving Private Ryan but in some ways its superior to that movie as the characters seem more real and less dramatic.
  • Speaking of movies, has anyone seen The Da Vinci Code? It got horrible reviews.
  • I havent read the book or seen the movie yet. Apparently Jesus married Mary Magdelene and has descendants living to this very day in France.

    I didnt know that.
  • The author calls his book fiction yet he claims every point in his book to be truth. Many of the claims have since been proven false my a number of people.

    It reminds me of the hype that surrounded the movie "The Last Temptation of Christ" that came out a few years ago. I haven't read the book nor seen either of the movies and don't intend to.

  • The Da Vinci Code makes an interesting story. Period. Don't know how anyone could confuse it with non-fiction.

    Next: what about DC Comics new storyline coming out with Batwoman as a lesbian?

  • Alot of people are confusing it with non-fiction. Just this weekend one of my buddies who is reading the booked said to me "Doesn't it make you wonder what really happened?"

    If Jesus did not die on the cross for the sins of all mankind, but instead secretly married Mary Magdelene and produced children, then the entirety of the Christian faith is based on a deception.

    Whether the setting of the book is fiction or non-fiction hardly matters. The book is designed to create doubt by twisting facts and mixing truth and fiction until they are indistinguishable.
  • When shown recently in France a poll was taken and over 50% of the viewers accepted the book/movie as fact.
  • yeah, well, it is the French, after all. x;-)

    Anyway, I thought the book was intriguing, and it did make me think. Whether or not I believe some or all of it is immaterial. It was a good read and it is fiction. Dan Brown is the first to tell you that what he writes is fiction. pure and simple.

    Besides, anything that makes me think outside the four walls of the here and now is a good thing.
  • Ok, time to change gears.

    Just came back from a campout with our youth club. 3 out of 4 camping trips this year has had rain through part or all of it. This past weekend it rained the entire time!! I'm still trying to dry out but not having much luck. Has anyone else been camping yet this year?

  • Haven't been camping yet this year but hey Whirlwind, I was down in Austin this past my food fix (good margaritas), my marketplace fix, my live music fix and the overall Texan fix. Whew, I needed all of that! Everybody here says they can tell when I have been back to Texas, I come back with a little stronger accent!'s good to go back home now and then!!! There wasn't time to try and make contact with you here by the time I found out I was going. Maybe next time and I'll by the margaritas!
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    This thread gets more freakish as we approach 300.

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    You must so proud.

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