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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-23-06 AT 03:52PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I'm leading a small group of NH youth to southern MS from 2/26 - 3/5 to work on a Katrina mission project. Can anyone give me some idea of other sites (historic or otherwise) to see near Lumberton?

Cheryl C.

{edit: I've heard from a MS-ian who told me that Lumberton is about 100 miles from anything interesting but there are bound to be many precious souls around that we'll bond with for life. I'm starting to pack and some of you'll appreciate that I'm having a very hard time deciding on some essentials...shoes, boots and mocs.}


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  • Don and pOrK can probably help you out here. Don is still a regular reader and contributor, however, he uses a penname.
  • Once upon a time...in the very early stages of planning this trip last year, I had mentioned it to Don. He lives way north of where we'll be and wasn't lots of help if I remember right.

    Pork? How 'bout some ideas... Don't hold my non-swine diet against me, ok?

  • Well this may present a problem then because Pork's further north.
  • I was stationed near Biloxi - don't know where that is in relation to where you're going - but I do remember that it was very near Jefferson Davis' house (I think.)
  • Yea, well Katrina pretty much to care of any interesting sites other than the total destruction of everything and anything. Just getting South of Lumberton will be a challange. A couple of the casinos have re-opened but that would not be of value to you except for the food. Yes and I am further North than Don. You mission will be greatly appreciated by all. Having been involved with armed conflict and the devastation caused by war is easily viewed where everything that was warm and beautiful and fun about our Gulf coast is no longer. It is truly sad, but true. Your mission will be complete for the inter learning your students will receive whether they want to or not. Some believe that it was a mission of God, but that is not the way I know God. It is only the good that comes from our Lord, he simply takes the event of the moment and brings forth goodness. He gave all of those controls to we people and our decisions are what causes these kinds of events to occur in the first place. May you have a safe and Blessed trip to Southern Mississippi.

  • Thanks so much. Too bad we weren't going to be closer to your area so we could sit and chat over a cold root beer. Maybe another time.

    I know that what we are going to do while in Lumberton will be just a tiny drop in the bucket when looking at the big picture, but a gift from our hearts nonetheless. We've been fundraising for many months to make this trip possible. The tickets were NOT cheap because there isn't much competition, I suppose, to get frequent fliers into Jackson.

    We'll be picked up at the airport by generous folks from the Lumberton area. I hear that it's an easy walk from the worksite to town so we probably won't need to rent a car. Room and board will be covered for us too. God has blessed in many ways and I expect it will be a true adventure for the 6 teens and me. A couple of them have never flown before.

    Prayers for safety will always be appreciated. :-)

    Cheryl C.
  • This is the first chance I've had to get online since arriving in MS. I've seen some sad sights but where we are serving, it looks like people are recoving quite well. We have been working at an Academy where 13 out of 17 buildings have been damaged and 5 of them had to be totally demolished. We're tearing down cinder block walls one day and taking down tents that were used for workers on another day. We will be working to move equipment and supplies into the new campus cafeterian built after the old one was totally destroyed. They've been serving meals to the students in the gymnasium.

    We are 1/2 way through the week. Time sure has passed quickly. It's been 75-80 every day so far. We will be taking a trip to the coast which, I am told, will be filled with sobering sights.

    Cheryl C.
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