Weird Job Seeker Stunts

From MSN:

Wore a tuxedo.

Used a celebrity official fan site as one of their portfolio accomplishments.

Brought a baby gift to the interviewer who was pregnant.

Sat next to the hiring manager in a church pew.

Left Yankee tickets for the interviewer.

Sent a nude photo of himself to the hiring manager.

Tried to do a stand-up comedy routine.

Waited for the hiring manager at his car.

Came dressed as a cat.

Said they "smiled on command."


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  • I can add to this list from my own personal experience in HR:

    1. Applicant's very first question to me was "Do you discriminate against someone who has been convicted of attempted murder?"

    2. Application was sent in completely ripped to shreds and taped back together. Stained brown. I hope it was coffee.

    3. Applicant asked if she could fill out her own written reference for herself.

    4. Applicant called and told me she needed me to pick her up at the airport (90 minutes away) the next day without scheduling an interview or being hired.

    5. Applicant sent about 45 pages of personal documentation (military records, letters of recommendation, good citizenship awards) along with the app.

  • Did you go to the airport?
  • Of course he did. Oregonians are known for their courtesy, Ray.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-26-06 AT 05:19PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Of course I went and got her. That is not the only time something like that has happened to me.

    The day my second daughter was born, I was at the airport about 9 hours later picking up a man from Ghana who had e-mailed me a couple times and then decided to show up.

    That was my friend Benedict. That's another story.
  • I had a guy send me one of those huge heart "love" helium balloons in a box. When we opened the box a note was tied to the streamer (which was also taped to the bottom of the box) that said "If you're looking for a candidate that rises above the rest that you'll love, remember me!" We did not love him that much, he did not rise to the top but we did remember him!

    Anybody ever feel like your Simon/Randy or Paula
    and doing an episode of American Idol instead of interviews? I know I've had to make sure my mouth was closed so my jaw didn't hit the desk with some of the stuff I've seen/heard over the years. Just when you think you have seen it all..........
  • I had a guy pull out a guitar and sing to me during an interview. I was wondering what he had in that box, but was afraid to ask. I found out anyway. The song was "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles. Usually my interviews don't draw a crowd, but that one did.

    Another fellow, when asked "Why did you leave your last job?" answered "Because the HR guy was a f***ing idiot". I cut the interview off knowing full well that I was to become his next f***ing idiot. Whatever.

  • Years ago, when I stilled smoked, and a pack was laying behind me on the credensa, I had an applicant ask if he could have a cigarette.

    I had a mother bring her 2 children, ages 2 & 3, along to the interview. That one was really productive!

    I had a lady apologize for being a couple of minutes late for the interview that she had been at her husband's funeral. (It was true) I hired her and she was employed for years!

    Many more stories, like the rest of you. It's very seldom dull in H.R.
  • I had a mom bring her 2 kids but left them out in the atrium area (we were 3 stories up)without telling us she had brought them. Building security got a complaint that these kids were spitting over the railing. They came and picked them up, asked where their parent was. The kids did not know. Since they were on the same floor as us (we had other tenants in the bldg), security brought them to our receptionist who didn't know they belonged to the interview that was taking place behind closed doors. Security took them down to their office and when no one was looking for them for an hour called the police. The police arrived about the time the mother was getting out of the interview and became frantic that her kids were not where she left them. Someone in the hallway suggested she go down to security. She came back up to our office an hour later with many loud colorful descriptions of her opinion of us and our company and left. Then an hour later, called us to see if we could tell her how the interview went! She did not get the job!
  • I had a lady apologize for being a couple of minutes late for the interview that she had been at her husband's funeral. (It was true) I hired her and she was employed for years!

    Dixied - I think we have a winner!
  • I wore a pink suit to my last job interview.
  • ...and did you get the job? Was it for the energizer bunny? Never mind I probably do not want to know!xflash
  • Yes indeed! I received a call the moment I returned home offering me the job. ;;)

  • My first job after high school was with Travelers Insurance; I wore a very very short lavender jumper (was 1974) to the interview. I got the job and several years later my boss told me the reason he hired me was he'd never seen any one wear a dress that short.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-26-06 AT 09:48PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Many, many times women have brought kids with them while they complete an application (it's never the dads who have the kids -- imagine that). I guess that's not as bad as bringing them to the interview, but one time a lady parked her kid in a chair that wasn't in HR but was in the reception area outside of the secondary school principal's office across the hall. The little urchin peed a lake in that chair, and since it was upholstered and not plastic, it had to be pitched in the dumpster.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-27-06 AT 09:09AM (CST)[/font][br][br]I mentioned it previously-but what the heck-
    During an interview, the applicant kept taking calls on her cell phone. I told her the company policy concerning the use of cell phones during working hours and she proceeded to tell me how behind the times the company was.
    Then, there was applicant who wouldn't take a typing test because the keyboard was black (don't ask, I didn't therefore I don't know).
  • I get the feeling we could go on for awhile...

    I had a call from an applicant who had some questions about the position. As we talked, she would occassionally pause and yell, "Would everybody SHUT UP, Im on the PHONE!!"

    Its also not unusual to hear a parent, usually a mom, "coaching" an applicant in the background. Its like talking to someone who is consulting their attorney. There is a short delay. Every once in awhile, the applicant will hiss "Moooommmm! Shh!"

    I had an applicant who was interested in driving our tour bus who had a conviction for vehicular manslaughter. That was the SAME application that was all torn to shreds and retaped together.

    We ask for e-mails on our applications and I always enjoy seeing "" or "" Nice!

    I also have an applicant who calls me EVERY year about the same time. She always wants to know what jobs we have but when pressed she always admits she can't really leave her parents and move here. Why she calls, I don't know. Its just become part of my routine though.

  • I was interviewing a young lady when her cell phone rang. She took the call, and the conversation went like this: "Hey, what's up?...I'm interviewing for a job...I don't know what the name of the company is......No, I don't know what they do.....the job I'm trying for is Information sh*t, it really is." No, she wasn't hired.

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