Mike Brown

AP is apparently reporting that Michael Brown has resigned as head of FEMA.


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  • Well, he's smarter than I thought.
  • Is anybody actually surprised? The man was called to the principal's office, given a bus ticket home and a note to his mama. Nothing short of resignation was expected. I haven't heard his announcement, but look forward to hearing him say 'I've decided to spend more time with my family'. Reckon he'll be able to draw a claim? Wasn't this constructive discharge?
  • I doubt it. I think his misrepresentation of his credentials (read lies) on his resume trumps all.
  • The really sad part is that people depended on him to be able to head FEMA and handle such matters.

    It's a well known fact that positions in Washington are given to frineds...both parties do it...but there are some positions, FEMA being just one that needs someone at the helm with solid experience. He could have been an Asst. Director or something.

    I'm sorry that so many suffered as a result of this decision. And I hope that something has been learned.
  • Well, Bush has already announced a new director who supposedly has experience. This happened so quickly, it must have been planned.
  • Yeah, it was planned about ten minutes after Time magazine published the story about how Brown manufactured his resume.
  • Denise: With or without Mike Brown, or even had he never existed, FEMA was and is a dismal failure. Other than handing out blankets and freeing up some tree cutting money three months after some damaging winds, what has FEMA ever really done to impact survival or adequate response to endangered Americans. They do have some rather nice vehicles though and eat well on the federal dole while out in the field.

    I think by the very definition of their name, they are supposed to manage emergencies. They don't do that. A name change is in order. How about Former Election Manager's Agency.
  • What gets me is that in some ways you gotta say "How hard can the job be?" Certain aspects of the job have to be predictable. Let's see, they might need fresh water, food, electricity restored, phone lines restored, etc. The list and requirements can't change much from disaster to disaster! Brown apparently couldn't handle it though!
  • Speaking of people losing their jobs:


    Storm deaths lead to arrests
    Nursing home owners charged

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 09/14/05

    New Orleans — Authorities charged the husband and wife owners of a nursing home Tuesday with negligent homicide in the deaths of 34 elderly residents who died in the floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina.

    Louisiana Attorney General Charles C. Foti Jr. said the owners of St. Rita's nursing home in Chalmette, just east of New Orleans, failed to evacuate residents despite repeated warnings.


    Does this mean that Attorney General Foti will also be arresting the Mayor of New Orleans & the Governor of LA for also failing "....to evacuate residents despite repeated warnings."?

    Just thought I would ask!
  • How about the officials who warned the nursing home to evacuate but did not choose to make the evacuation mandatory?
  • Just for the record, FEMA does help people. We had rain of 3 inches + within 2 hours time one year. Many basements flooded that had NEVER flooded before. I called FEMA, they sent someone out within 2-3 days time, checked the damage, wrote us a check to fix the damage.

    We didn't have much money at the time, but they helped us almost immediately. I'm thankful they are around.
  • I think Rudy Giuliani would be a good choice for head of FEMA. His track record was established on 9/11.
  • I don't think it should be continued as a 'political position'. Guliani, although a good responder and spokesperson after 9/11 is simply a politician. We need a person with hands on experience in charge of FEMA. Experience in all the details that have become evident with this thing. Not a tie with an Ipana smile. The Coast Guard guy just appointed seems like a competent choice. Time will tell. Sadly it may be true that there is nobody capable of handling the task.
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