Is he missing?

I have been out of town for a week, has anyone heard from Pork? Is he ok?


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  • Haven't heard anything from him. There is a SAVE program thread going and he has yet to respond to it. Hope everything is ok. :-S

  • Still nothing from Dianec as well, I think she was in McComb Ms. Know anything about McComb Don?
  • Yes, McComb is between here and New Orleans, about 90 miles south of me. There was not a significant amount of peril and destruction in McComb and no loss of life reported. Tree damage from winds mostly, like here, only a little stronger (maybe 125 instead of 115). TN HR responded the other day that he had called PoRk's workplace and the receptionist put him through to PoRk, but poRk'S answering machine was on. Gene's conclusion was that he was fine. This was a day or so after the winds came through. PorK is probably 155 miles to the northeast of me, toward the Alabama line and they did not experience much damage.

    I don't know about the hog business, but there is significant damage to the poultry industry throughout the state. Many chicken houses were destroyed and thousands upon thousands of birds either killed or let loose. They have to live in a tightly controlled temperature and feeding environment and the sheds/houses are little more than screened in porches as long as a football field with elaborate heating and cooling and feeding devices. Lots of those suffered damage. Can't speak for PorK's industry though.

    I think I mentioned the other day that all of America's bananas arrive from Central America through the Port of Gulfport, which is no-more. Shipping containers that arrived via the Gulf for years have left Gulfport like a never-ending line of ants headed all over America. The banana industry will surely regroup somewhere though.
  • I heard from a buyer for Dole (Gulfport, MS) that they are regrouping over in Mobile, Alabama for the time being.
  • We just approved dove hunting in MI. Maybe chicken hunting in Ms will be the next craze.
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