Funny UI Appeal Hearing Story

Every once in a blue moon we get someone who appeals their UI decision and they request an in-person hearing. Well, today, I had one. It involved a former Maintenance Tech who told my assistant and a production supervisor that "He (meaning I) and the Plant Manager can shove their safety policy up their a**". When confronted during the separation meeting about it, he readily admitted to saying so.

Once everyone had been duly sworn in, he proceeded to present his case by stating that his Fifth Ammendment rights had been violated. The state official (a retired circuit court judge) had a puzzled look on her face. She asked what he meant by that. The former EE proceeded to say that his statement to me admitting guilt could not be used against him since it was self-incriminating! I have a bruise in my inner thigh from where I pinched myself trying not to laugh.

The decision will be mailed to both parties in 7-10 business days x:D


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