Homeo? Or not?

O.K. now that I have your attention with the subject line. I have a question, or a poll or whatever you want to call it.

I guess it is similar to my "Do You" post. I have an inquiring kind of mind and wonder what people think/do/believe in. So, are you into homeopathic remedies? Working in the medical profession I am finding more and more that people are steering away from "traditional" medicine and going back to plants, roots, etc. for healing. Do you have Ginseng in your kitchen/bathroom? Do you find yourself steering your children away from penicillin? Do you think it is posion to the body and suppresses natual immune development?

My daughter and grandchild live in Europe. Over the last 5 years of traveling there, I have observed that European countries are becoming very "preventative illness" orientated and going back thousands of years to the Chinese philosophy of "homeopathic medicine". I have been distressed a time or two when my grandchild was sick and my daughter was medicating her with "leaves, roots, natural means" However, now I am beginning to see the wisdom in it. h baby had pneumonia, doctors were throwing medicine at her, my daughter did the "fresh air, healthy food, natural herb root" the baby healed fine. Maybe everything that is "new and faster" does not mean it is better.

So, are you leaning more towards natural, homepathic ways and less towards modern drugs x:-/

Thanks for your reply.


Disclaimer: None of my posts are intended to discombobulate any persons. Should this happen, I would suggest taking a "mental health day" and getting over it.


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  • What a timely question, Scorpio. Just last evening I spent an hour in the local bookstore reading a wonderful book by a Dr. Thouseau (SP) about natural healing.

    More and more since my surgery last year and the last four years of going back and forth to physicians, I am convinced that herbs, organic foods, rest, exercise, etc., is the way to go. I want to get off all medications and let my body return to its natural state -- which I am convinced is better than the over medicated one physicians cause.

    I am expanding this to include even visits for foot and eye care. I tell them right off -- I am not interested in Rx's or coming back for return visits. Do not over test me and don't be concerned about law suits.

    Yes, Yes, Yes -- massage, aromatherapy, fresh air, enough sleep, and a good diet -- that's the way for me.

    Thanks for asking.
  • It is a fact that 98% of your physical ills can be cured by a regimen of long walks over winding, wet paths in hilly woods with a friend and a crooked stick, long rides with the wind in your face till you sweat, studying the effects of sunlight on various forms of colored glass on a hot day, and slow sex in a pseudo-secluded place in the early morning air with wet bellies slapping together. I'm allergic to penicillin anyway.

    Disclaimer: This message is not intended to offend or attack. It is posted as personal opinion. If you find yourself offended or uncomfortable, email me and let me know why.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-07-05 AT 10:06AM (CST)[/font][br][br]I'm all for it and have lived by it for 30 years. After my son was born and went for his 6-week check up, his next visit to the doctor was at age 13, other than to get his required immunizations. I believe in chicken soup (made with real chicken, not bullion cubes) hot tea with honey, salt-water gargles, and staying active and 'fighting' it off. My kids have had many years of perfect attendance in school and now don't miss work. Part of the success of the low RX regimine has to do with attitude; being positive about getting and staying healthy.

    I don't know about slow sex in a secluded place. Sounds like a gimmic to me. I'd have to hear other testimony about that one. Certainly not a recommendation I'd give to a teen.
  • "I don't know about slow sex in a secluded place. Sounds like a gimmic to me. I'd have to hear other testimony about that one. Certainly not a recommendation I'd give to a teen."

    Hey now Sam :-) While it may not be "teen suitable" it does sound like a plan, no??? Lol. Leave it to The Don to take homeopathic to its base level. Ya gotta love it!



    Disclaimer: None of my posts are intended to discombobulate any persons. Should this happen, I would suggest taking a "mental health day" and getting over it.

  • 'Scuse me. I didn't realize this was advice for teens. I thought this was adults talking to adults.

  • No, not advice for teens. I was just saying that it's not a remedy I would prescribe to a teen. Maybe it works. And maybe I'll . . (maybe).
  • I've always thought that homeopathy (or whatever you might call it) is the way to go - on the surface, it sounds great.

    Unfortunately, as my age increases the number of prescription medicine bottles in my bathroom cabinet also increases. For the maladies involved there is no magic root, fungus, rock, crystal, bottle tree, moss, rhino horn, crushed, dried ant, yada, yada, yada, that will do the trick.

    By the same token, I don't deny that most modern medicines are derived from some of the homeopathic remedies. But it took modern science to distill the operative properties to make them effective.

    And I continue to take my Nature-Made multivitamin every morning. x:-)
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    From all the aphrodesiac recipes Don posts on the recipe section, we know what aspect of health he's most interested in. ;;)

    As far as natural remedies go, I've relied on them exclusively for the past 10+ years. I started looking into natural healing when my father-in-law was dying of cancer in Venezuela. They believe heavily in homeopathic medicine there, although they may not all have the wherewithall to obtain them. Such was the case of my f-i-l.

    I've been using herbs ever since then on myself and family. Our bodies are so amazing in that they want to heal themselves and will do so if we give them the right help. Most Rx meds that I've come across either personally or those prescribed for family members have usually done the job they were prescribed for but not without causing other problems and therefore the need for other prescriptions.

    I do consult with both an MD and a nutritionist/natural doctor whenever the need arises but I keep a supply of herbs on hand to use when needed. Natural remedies do take more time to work since they are healing the body naturally, not just masking the symptoms.

    One of the books I refer to is "Today's Herbal Health" by Louis Tenney. It can be found at most Borders or GNC stores.


  • Yes and no. I don't completely discount modern medicine. However, I keep in the house the following and use: Ginger tea (for upset stomachs), soy extract (hot flashes), cranberry juice, homemade chicken soup. I'll take other supplements as needed.
  • "A merry heart doth good, like a medicine."
  • I'm all for trying the natural way first! Think about it. The body is a natural being with natural processes. Healthy diet, exercise, nutritional supplements make more sense to me than synthetic drugs. I think sometimes we're too quick to medicate with synthetic chemicals that usually create more problems that require more synthetic chemicals to correct those problems while creating more. While I believe doctors and prescriptions have their place, for me, they are a last resort, and then I usually don't take what's prescribed. As a matter of fact, before VIOXX was known as a potentially deadly drug, my then doctor prescribed it for low back pain. I read the fine print and side effects and never took the stuff. Now am I glad! I manage the low back pain with yoga, massage therapy, and chiropractic care w/o the risk of synthetic drugs and have had great results. And don't get me started on antibiotics. All those poor little babies with persistent sinus problems and the parents just throwing down one round of antibiotics after another after another. I don't know the answer but again, I'll try the natural stuff first.
  • Natural is definetly the way to go! After years of taking anti-depressants for my psyche; and muscle relaxors and anti-inflammatory's for my back; and then hormones for being female I got fed up cause I felt lousy. I now take all kinds of roots and herbs (Dong Quai Root, china Root, Ginger Root, Bupleurum Root, Atractylodes Rhizome, the list goes on) and I sleep 7-8 hours a night and take long walks. I feel better than ever and I'm drug free! Now when something does make me ill I look towards natural remedies before going to the doctor. I wish I had started this 20 years ago, but better late than never. My mother is 81 years old and has never in her life taken a prescription medication, she has always lived a very healthy lifestyle eating LOTS of fruits and vegetables and taking long walks on the beach. There are some conditions that natural remedies possibly won't help, but for me they are the best.
  • A lot has been written about the differences between western medicine and eastern medicine - viewed as "alternative" by us I guess. If more than half the world practices medicine differently than us there must be some value to it.
  • Fortunately, my mother was early in realizing that not every childhoold ailment required an antibiotic...so we don't have the resistance problem that many in my age group are finding.

    I'm in the middle (where I find myself on just about everything)...the body needs to follow a natural path...and the homeopathic methods are great for that....but sometimes, you do need the pill bottle...and I'd hate to think of someone suffering with something needlessly because they couldn't bring themselves to fill the prescription.

    Largely, it's a preventative thing...what you put in, is what you'll get out of it....fill your body with good healthy foods and fresh air, you'll have the basis for a healthy life. Fill it with fast food and sedentary living...your body will act like that!

    There was a diet promoted not very long ago called the "caveman diet"...a bit extreme for me...but the theory behind it seemed sound enough...our bodies have not changed very much from those of our ancestors...yet we are eat processed refinded foods that our digestive system doesn't really know how to handle...we're better off eating whole, natural foods, which is what our bodies were designed for...

  • I hate to be a quibbler here, but "homeopathic" and "natural remedies" aren't the same thing.

    Homeopathy refers specifically to a class of remedies that were developed based on the idea that symptoms of a disease can be cured by minute amounts of a substance that, if administered in large doses, creates the same symptoms. Many of them are poisons at full dose, but are diluted to the point that not a single molecule of the original substance may remain.

    Homeopathy isn't another word for ancient Chinese healing arts, many of which are effective. I'm a big believer in a lot of alternative remedies, but homeopathy isn't among them.

    Brad Forrister
    M. Lee Smith Publishers

  • Happiness through pharmacology.

    It worked in the 60's.:oo
  • I am somewhere between the pseudo-secluded place in the woods and happiness through pharmacology. Am 48 and have managed to stay off of hormones, HBP med's, dialysis, and insulin. In spite of the fact that I do little or nothing to stay healthy. I sleep when I'm tired, eat only when I'm hungry and drink when I'm thirsty. I practice moderation now, as I've lived extremes before. Didn't think I'd live THIS long!
  • Interesting post. With the exception of toe surgery three years ago, I haven't met my medical deductible in years. That's a good indicator I think. I practice moderation rarely in anything I do and have no notion of altering that. I take a few pills now and then and have no urge to change that. I don't have a desire to learn to sit cross-legged and say 'ahhmmmm' or to lock my ankles behind my head. I sometimes will count to ten but that's about as far as I'll go. I don't drink anything green or warm and nothing I intake is for the purpose of purging. I never stick a finger down my throat or anything in the other end for any purpose. I don't go to any specialist whose title ends in 'actor' or 'trist'. I get more fresh air and smell more amazing smells in one hour on a motorcycle than any of you will get in a year any other way. Nothing I have pops or squeals or leaks. The only thing I'm alergic to is penicillin but don't plan to catch nothing I'd need that for anyway. It's Miller time!

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-10-05 AT 08:05PM (CST)[/font][br][br]It might surprise alot of people, but naturopathic physicians have the same curriculum in medical school as allopathic (western medicine) physicians, minus the use of chemical pharmaceuticals and major invasive surgery, which is not to say that they do not study these, and that in certain circumstances, deem them necessary.

    There is widespread and ever-increasing knowledge that they help people cure themselves (the body curing itself) after the traditional western methods fail, and often as a "first resort".

    Naturopathic physicians are now licensed in 13 states, including Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Hawaii, several New England states, and California. Health plans generally cover services of licensed practitioners.

    Brad is correct, "homeopathic" refers to the natural medicinal substances used often by naturopatic physicians and is not the field of medicine itself. Also, both "sides" are beginning to work together to treat patients, and in fact, do not see it as "sides". This can only be beneficial to health care consumers.
  • Seriously, our plan began last year covering quite a few 'alternative treatments', like accupuncture and hypnosis. Obviously, though, that was more of another jab at cost reduction than an interest in employee health.

    It's interesting that some plans have begun covering these types of things that are 'low end' on the pay spectrum but will NOT cover 'alternative' things on the high side of that spectrum that they still call experimental or unproven, like bone marrow transplant.

  • Ya know, after re-reading your post. The South smells ALOT better than out here. Too much dust. I've had allergies since I moved out here. I miss and cherish the rain, whenever it happens. That's homeopathic to me.
  • I understand Queen Elizabeth II has always used homeopathic drugs/treatment. She seems in remarkably good health. Can't say I ever remember her being ill.

  • Homeo, Homeo, wherefore art thou Homeo?
  • Odd bit of family history: A mountain "medicine woman" once told my father that if he would go out in the early spring and find a poison ivy plant with just the very first new leaves and eat them, he would never get a rash from coming in contact with it again. He found it, he ate it, and to this day, some fifty years later, he has never gotten a rash from poison ivy again. I wouldn't recommend this, but Dad swears by it. (He grew up to be a physician and practiced for many years) Anybody else heard of this?
  • That sounds like the old 'kiss the frog' story. Your dad was apparently one of the lucky ones.x:-)

  • I have heard (and am almost willing to try) the honey remedy for allergies. It is based on the same concept. People around here swear that if you suffer from seasonal allergies, the remedy is to take two tablespoons of LOCAL raw honey (preferably with a chunk of the honeycomb still in it) daily. The rationale is that you are slowly and regularly introducing the same allergens into your system and creating an imunity of sorts.

    I am tired of Claritin, I am trying the honey thing. I just have to find a local purveyor. Unfortunately I am in Middle TN and am certain that even the damn bee keepers have traded-in their hives for crystal meth kitchens in a double-wide.

    Popeye, if you know of any good honey places (no smart comments Don), let me know.

  • I have an associate who raises hogs and honey. It's a gamble worth taking. When he processes your order, he either will ship you honey or salt pork. Roll the dice.

    I have another friend who has an animal shelter and a hot tamale factory under one roof. Roll the dice.

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