Washington D.C.

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-02-05 AT 12:56PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Just got back from vacation, spent several hot and miserable days in Williamsburg, the heat index was 105. Attempted to walk the kids around Colonial Williamsburg, but the heat just zapped them. 900+ miles to splash in the pool. We did get to ride go-carts, my five year old rode on the "Rookie Track" by himself, rode the bumper boats, but not much educational fun to be had there.

So we left early and went to Washington D.C. Fortunately, a cool front moved in and the weather was more enjoyable. Took a half day bus tour of the city with stops at the Capitol, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and Iwa Jima Memorial. Got off at the Smithsonian and went to the Air and Space Museum, as well as the Natural History Museum. My son loved the Air and Space Museum, but was not certain he wanted to visit the dinosaurs. My 11 month old just seemed happy to go along for the ride. We had a blast and plan to go back since we only has a day and half before driving back to FL.

The evening we got there, we drove into Washington from Arlington to see the monuments lit up. I took a route that took us past Arlington National Cemetary and the Pentagon. I did not realize at first when going past the Pentagon that I was on the south side, until I noticed that a large prtion of the stone was alighter shade of gray that the rest of the stone surrounding it. Needless to say, it was a sombering reminder of the senseless act of cowardice by those that hate our lifestyle and the freedom we all enjoy. Seeing that reminded me of the real threat that there are those that hate us because we are American, regardless of our political leaning. It strengthened my resolve to support our President and his efforts to bring a sense of security back to our country and the need to support those in harms way to deliver that message of hope.


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  • Sounds like you had a great vacation...heat and all. We've taken a similar tour of DC though not since 9-11. My mother had wanted all her life to see The Lincoln Memorial and when we finally got her there, she cried.

    Cheryl C.
  • If you want an even more somber reminder of the state of emergency that our nation is under, take the access road that takes you into Pentagon City/Arlington right past the Pentagon. You will see VA State Police alongside Army Humvee's on the side of the road every hundred yards or so. You will also see humvees with stinge rmissile batteries mounted on them.
  • I went to DC a few years ago and experienced your same feelings when driving on the highway by the Pentagon.

    I had 2 teenage girls with me who were not overly excited about trudging through the heat to historical sights, but as we walked past the Reflecting Pool on our way to the Lincoln Memorial my daughter stopped and said 'Wait a minute - I know where we are! This is where Martin Luther King spoke. I've seen this on TV.' It was neat for me to see the lights come on in her head, and after that the sights seemed to have more meaning for her. I wish every parent had the opportunity to take their children to DC.
  • "I wish every parent had the opportunity to take their children to DC"

    I will be attending my first MLS event this fall. The Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, October 5-7, Washington, DC. My wife and the kids will meet me there on Friday afternoon and we will spend the remainder of the weekend visiting.

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