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Don't hear too much about our lovely state, but we have been all over the news lately. In Augusta, we captured two violent fugitives, had two small children go missing, only to be found in a pond a few days later (so sad) and now a bride-to-be has gone missing near Atlanta!!
Whew! Any theories on what has happened to this woman? She went jogging alone at 8:30pm and never returned. Why do people jog alone at night?


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  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-29-05 AT 01:14PM (CST)[/font][br][br]The noon news conference had the police chief or sheriff report that the fiance had passed a lie detector test, but it was one he had done himself. They have asked him to take one administered by GBI but he listed so many conditions of his own that according to the sheriff, the man's requests are so unusual and uncommon that they cannot agree to them. Hmmm. Same conference said the clump of hair they found is a color and texture match but (due to somebody's stupidly slow procedure - my words) they have no DNA results yet.

    This may be yet another 'Lori Hacking' sad story when it's over.
  • I agree with El Don. I think this stinks! As pOrK would say: "MY OLD hoG Hairs are Standing ON THE back of My neck and somethin AIN't RIGHT IN DA HOG HOUSE!"
  • Definately another sad story. I just read another story about a mother in Chicago who is being charged this afternoon with stabbing her two children. The news said that the children were "stabbed more than 100 times". Unbelievable - no wonder Reality TV is a big hit - nobody wants to watch the news anymore.
  • ugghhg!! My mind can't even go there. I don't understand why people do the things they do. The toddlers who were found in the pond had wandered off earlier that day. they just walked out the front door and a neighbor brought them back. How does a 2 & 3 year old just walk off down the street without your knowledge? The mom paid the ultimate price when they wandered off again that afternoon and they both drowned. DFCS had been visiting weekly offering "parenting skills". They admitted the children had long periods w/out supervision and that's why they were involved, but there were no signs of abuse so they didn't remove from the home. I guess being left home alone for extended periods of time doesn't count. You know, b/c 2 & 3 yr olds can take care of themselves....

  • Didn't I read or hear that the pond in question was out of sight of the children on the other wide of some woods, and that they had only been there once by a different route? If this is the case I would take a long hard look at Mommy Dearest.

  • >
    "...the man's requests are so unusual and
    >uncommon that they cannot agree to them. Hmmm."

    Interesting to note Don D jumping to erroneous conclusions as usual based on false assumptions.

    If any of us were ever in the fiance's situation, i.e., suspected of murder, I'm sure we would want as much of the police questioning as possible done on our court and on our terms. I don't see anything suspicious in his behavior. Smart, yes; suspicious, no!
  • Her purse, money, credit cards and jewelry were all at home while she 'went jogging'. How does one manage to purchase bus tickets, stay in a Vegas Hotel and eat for several days with no money and nothing to hock?

    Eight wedding showers, 14 attendants, 600 invited guests. This gal's got some 'splainin' to do.
  • Apparently she bought the bus tickets a week prior in her home town of Gainesville (not Duluth) under an assumed name.

    My wife made an interesting observation. The groom is not exactly the catch of the day. He may very well border on the "dorky" side. His family is fairly prominent, politically connected and apprently well-to-do.

    I think suddenly the thought of marrying into money,for the sake of money, semmed less and less appealing.

    I'm not trying to be judgemental or ugly or say that it was "all about the benjamins". I'm probably not the catch of the day either but at least when my wife and I first met I was broke.
  • You may not be judgemental, but I am. She is not the first bride to get cold feet...however, most do not disappear as she did. Her Fiance was suspected of killing her. Heaven knows the horror her parents went through. What she did was a cruel and extremely self-centered act.
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