PGA and Wisconsin!

Not even 15 minutes from my house is the PGA tournament this week. Golf has to be the most boring sport to watch on tv, xI-) , but I will be taping it all week and watching it. Right in my backyard!

They have built a brand new, expensive hotel about 1/2 hour away just for this event, not to mention they are turning major highways into one-way traffic flow, just to keep the 1,000's of people flowing in and out smoothly. Will be a bear driving home each day, but worth it for the area.

This is something special for this area; nothing exciting normally happens here besides an occasional cow on the highway. Not kidding.


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  • "Long ago when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft... it's called golf."

    Will Rogers
  • We just had a PGA tournament 4 weeks ago, the BC Open. We've had it since 1971. Can bring in millions of dollars but also can become quite political with the local democrats and republicans throwing accusations of cronyism and favortism. Our company has a corporate tent at the tournament and directors are expected to do their duty. We bring in customers and suppliers for a big party and entertainment. I ended up playing chauffeur for the President and Chairman of the Board scuttling them between the plant, hotel and clubhouse.
  • Hey!, mcmel: Don't give people the wrong impression of WI. There's lots of fun here. Ever try to "tip" that cow? : )
    This is quite the event for the area. Herb Kohler has built quite the venue for it. We've got two world-class golf courses in little ol' Kohler. My wife and I went out for the Community Days on Saturday even though we aren't the least bit interested in golf. Was impressive to see the amount of money and preparation they put into one of these events.
    For those of you who do enjoy golf, you should come to Kohler. If money is no object, stay at the American Club, and pay, what is it, $200-$300 for a round of golf. AND, you could stop in and see mcmel and/or me. What more could you want?
  • Hunter, I can honestly say I've never tried to tip the cow. Generally I drive around it best I can and continue on my way. Maybe I should get out more.

    Excitement this weekend includes a half-barrel tournament . . . my husband is playing, I'm spectating.

    It's a softball game where the runners can't pass second base without chugging a cup of beer. The half-barrel is parked right on second base and there is a bartender there that continues to fill cups. Beats cow tipping, doesn't it?

    Otherwise known as "grown-men tipping" by the end of the day.
  • I'm a native "Wisconsinite" but moved to Phoenix 25 years ago. I still follow the Packers and Badgers and am always interested in what's going on "up there". I'm especially interested in watching the PGA Tournament to see the course. I've heard alot about it. I go to the Phoenix Open every year and love the people watching. It is the most attended golf tournament every year and lots of fun. Enjoy your time in the spotlight.
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