Letter of Application - I actually received!

This is a letter of application that I actually received.

Congratulations! You have the unique opportunity to hire the one and only "John". Don't miss this important chance to acquire an individual who could benefit you and your company greatly by bringing his unique skills and putting them to work for you.

Who is "John"?
He is a 22 year old student attending a Universtiy where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and will graduate in December.

What kind if skills does "John" have?
Most people who specialize in computers specialize in specific areas such as programming, networking, support, etc. Very few specialize in multiple areas; "John" does! Calling himself a "multi-purpose geek", he is skilled at software engineering, networking, systems administration and more.

What is "John" looking for?
He is looking for a company to provide his apt abilities and high quality results to. The employer benefits because "John's" track record shows he creates solutions that result in productivity gains and cost saving for the company. "John" is a diligent and dedicated worker. You know we midwesterners are known for this!

Would "John" be willing to work in a place other than his home state?
In a word, yes. While he would if possible prefer to stay in his home state, he will go where he needs in order to do the job you hire him for.

I'm interested in "John", when can he start?
"John" will be available from mid May to Late August while on summer break from school. This would be the perfect time to give a trial run to see if you want to have him for longer term which could start as early as January. Plan ahead!

Don't delay, this is a rare opportunity and quantities are extremely limited! By acting now on this offer, you are able to evaluate an exceptional worker focusing on your company. If you delay, you may lose this rare chance and all of the benefits that come with it!

And of course, to top this letter off was his resume! The bottom of his resume says, "You really want me, you just might not know it yet!"


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  • That's very unique. I'm not so sure I would be interviewing him. His approach just isn't my style. He is creative, though.
  • Does he offer to throw in a set of Ginsu Steak Knives if your act NOW??!
  • Geez, it's so long, I think I would have automatically filed it in the "no" file. I worry about people like this. I worry that some organization will hire him and he'll feel like he got the job because of his "outside the box" cover letter, rather than the real reason -"hey, a 22 year old kid, with little professional skill or real work experience - I can hire him CHEAP!" x}>
  • The position I presently have is because I caught the eye of the person screening the many letters with resume'. My opening words were:Stop, look no more for you have found the HR with the ability to be the answer to your dreams. I am located within 30 minutes of your location and I can be there with in 30 minutes. My experiences are equal to and better than your listed HR requirements.

    The receptionist/secretary who was opening the mail was so drawn by my "out of the box" response, she immediately carried my letter with resume into the general manager and put it in his hands, he read it and picked up the phone and we had a 30 minute telephone conversation with an invitation to join him for lunch the next day. I meet with the production manager two days later for a full day and upon returning to the home office I was offered the position. Remarkably,I had applied to the position when it was a start-up company 5 years earlier with the same basic letter of intro with resume that everyone else sent.

    Give the individual credit for his/her approach.

    I learned in a seminar long time ago and have practiced the instructions since, "screen in not out" to enhance your chances of finding the right person for your position.

    Finding creative thinkers is an art not a science!
    If you are looking for a "fit the mold type person", put this letter with resume'aside where you can find it later. It appears the person is looking for intern work in the computer field right now, next summer he might just be the next "Bill Bates" in your companies' world.

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-23-04 AT 03:28PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Yes, but the question is Pork, where you hired CHEAP? x:D (just kidding)

    I see your point & if I only received 20 or less applications/resumes I would agree 100% with your sentiments. However, when I get 150 resumes/applications for a single job posting & I need to select & hire right away, it's hard not to set up some boundaries. x:-)

  • And of course, to top this letter off was his resume! The bottom of his resume says, "You really want me, you just might not know it yet!"

    Hehe, I think my ex said the exact same words to me x}> !!! He was wrong...LOL- I think I am in agreement with the post that said "way too long"-I also get 100's of resumes for one job-Doubt I would have stopped long enough to read this one...Final thought, a little confidence is a good thing, this guy has his share and a few others apparently!
  • I sort of like it. Too many applicants don't even fill out the complete application or they have a resume mill spit out something that gives no indication of the applicant's true nature.

    I guess this guy would have motivation, imagination, and a sense of humor; he may be a great problem solver - all positive attributes. I would also want to see his class standings, experience, and references.

    I would give him a chance with an interview. If he walked into my office with a chew of tobacco in his mouth and spit in my trashcan (one applicant with sterling references and a polished resume did so once!) he'd be out the door in a flash.
  • Don't be so quick to pass over the middle of the road performers in the academic arena. I was below the middle of the roaders in my undergraduate work and "let the pack" in my Master's program. There was some time in between study programs to pick up something called "wisdom from life's experiences". I got smart and learned that "One gets out of education what one puts into education". Meaning: I studied and prepared my assignments thus learning and getting the just rewards of an equal grade, ALL "A"s. The middle of the grade point averages/rankings might just be "William Gates" or even a "PORK" hiding in the ruff!

    SCREEN IN NOT OUT IN YOUR RECRUITING PROCESS! Let the operations and Department Heads do the sorting, you'll feel better for your accomplishments! Again, you will get out of recruiting what you put into it! Half Assed work is just that HALF-ASSED WORK!

  • Pork, maybe it works for you, but screening IN would require days and days of interviewing. Most of us do not have that luxury.

    I received a resume similar to John of the creative cover letter. Decided to call him in for an interview. What a mistake. He was exactly as the letter indicated. He was egotistic, conceited, self absorbed. Couldn't get him to stop talking. Later, his phone calls drove me crazy. Lesson learned!
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