Which is worst?

This doesn't qualify as amusing (at least not to me!) but the reason I've been, and probably will be, scarce on the forum for a while is because I have been alternately:

1. Compiling comments from an employee satisfaction survey.

2. Figuring the HR budget for FY 04-05

3. Revamping our policy and procedures (where I assume Don D would like me to remove the word trendy from our dress code!)

So folks - I had to do all three. Which is your least favorite? Feel free to add others.

By the way, I am off to the the city by the bay Thursday to watch my middle son graduate from Berkeley Law School. Consider this said with the sound of a horn tootin' in the background! (Help me out here Ray!)


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  • Congrats, Leslie! So your son went to law school at UC Berkeley, huh? Hmmm... Is he a member of the ACLU and the Lawyer's Guild yet? x;-)
  • Slogan and I can play a trombone duet for you. We can make it raucous, soothing, lively, or sad. Your choice.

    My least favorite task? Anything that takes me away from the forum.
  • I vote for PP but it feels great when it is done! Enjoy your trip!
  • Since I am a total nitwit when it comes to numbers, the budget gets my vote.

    For the past week I have been trying to realign the heirarchy so that when the much anticipated absence tracking system goes in, it works! I feel like Sisyphus; rolling that boulder up the hill only to have to roll back down, over and over. I just know that when I pull my reports tomorrow my beautiful alignment will be all wrong again x:'(

    Congratulations to your son!!
  • My least favorite is job descriptions. I'm in the process of re-writing and updating. Next in line is the HR procedure manual.

    The one that I completely and absolutely abhor is the travel reduction audit conducted by the AZ Trip reduction task force. How many ways can you twist an employee's arm to car pool, ride a bike, etc.?

    Enjoy graduation day. Soon there will be the sound of gringing teeth when he has to take the bar exam.

  • >The one that I completely and absolutely abhor
    >is the travel reduction audit conducted by the
    >AZ Trip reduction task force. How many ways can
    >you twist an employee's arm to car pool, ride a
    >bike, etc.?

    I remember the TRP, ritaanz. My current employer doesn't qualify - yay! We also do not qualify for an AAP. Life is good.

    My current Least Favorite Task? (or "LFT"...) 401k audit - we are going through it now. Mundane reviewing of numbers. Ick. I'm entertaining myself by using a rainbow of font colors. Probably making the auditors crazy.

  • Congratulations to your son. My choice would lay-offs and/or RIF.
  • My least favorite is anything that totally wastes my time. Like the multitude of things that must be updated or revised that make absolutely no difference anyway. Like having to go into a file and change a name or position title here and there to update it. Example: A job description that shows the Shipping Supervisor reports directly to the Materials Manager. Well, the Materials Manager was just retitled The S/C Cell Value Stream Team Leader. So, I have to pull all the Job Description manuals, open the three-rings, snatch out the JD, remove it from its plastic sleeve.......get on the computer, look up that JD, make the change, print it and run copies, get it 3-hole punched, make the replacement and refile the binders and realize I've just wasted an hour of my time when I could have been on the Forum. I abhore doing little useless crap like that.

    I also hate doing the required annual Area Wage Survey. A month of work when I already know exactly what the result will be....A recommendation for a 3-5% wage adjustment for hourly employees.
  • Don, we don't allow managers to change job titles in their respective departments. All title changes must be approved through HR first. And we are very reluctant to make changes.
  • I changed the job title.
  • What a proud moment, Leslie, when you watch your son move that tassle from the right to the left! That's when a mom cries sweet tears!

    I can't bring myself to discuss the drudgery of tasks before me. Enjoy your trip and celebration!

  • I just got done with the data collection for the pension and 401(k) audits. The internal audit department asked for lots of documentation from files, including verification of social security numbers. The stated in their instructions that social security numbers could be verified by (in order of preference) a copy of the employee's social security card, a copy of their I-9 form, or a copy of the Employee Data Form used to data enter their information into our PeopleSoft system. However, over half of the employees drawn in the sample had been hired long before either PeopleSoft or I-9s existed, and we would have no reason to have copies of their social security cards, especially if they were hired before I-9s!

    To top it off, we were given only 10 calendar days to copy and send off the several pounds of data requested by the auditors. I noted that it would be nice, given the scope of the information now being required, to have a little longer notice of the project. The response was that since it had been difficult for the auditors to get the data on a timely basis, the SHORTENED the deadline!

    Anything involving the finance or audit departments would have to qualify as among my least favorite things!
  • Thanks y'all. I've returned. Backs were patted, tears were shed. Gosh, Berkeley is a beautiful campus. Every time I go there it strikes me. But guess that's done until his girlfriend graduates with her PhD in Economics. If these two marrry, I'm thinkin' they might just be okay...
  • "If these two marrry, I'm thinkin' they might just be okay..." translation: They won't move back in with me!
    My $0.02 worth!
    DJ The Balloonman
  • Congrats Les! What a perfect match. A lawyer and an economist - neither one in touch with the real world! (I can malign lawyers because I was one, and economists, well, they are at least as fair game as lawyers.) You have every right to be nose in the air proud!
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