"Women won't stand up for themselves, but will stand up for others". "It's not OK for a woman to act like a tiger. She must act like a kitten". "Even little girls in the classroom, they won't raise their hand, even when they know the answer. Little boys will raise their hands even when they do not know the answer". "Women shouldn't feel like they have to ask their colleagues 'what salary do you make', but it's OK to say, 'Here's what I make, do you think it's in line with what my colleagues make for the occupation I'm in? And is it OK for me to ask for more?"

Two women lamed Laschaver and Babcock are on ABC this morning at 4:15. They've written a book, "Women Don't Ask". They pretend to be alerting women that they should be strong and speak up and be assertive and join the fray. But, what they're really doing is making a buck off keeping women down and insisting that women are too weak to speak up for themselves, and reinforcing the drivel that women should remain subservient. I was thinking 5 or 10 women from The Forum should walk into that ABC studio-interview and tell these two broads, "Look Honey, You're full of crap!"

I may have wanted my little girl to be 'a kitten'. But I also taught her to knock the shi* out of any boy who mistreated her. Don D.


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