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  • They were a grapefruit league.............. not any more this year was their first year in AZ. Check and see if there is a brand new complex in Suprise................... you may be......surprised.
    My $0.02 worth.
    DJ The Balloonman
  • That's what I get for taking a spring off...

    I've been going to ST games for a long time (Royals, Cardinals, Braves, primarily) - I didn't go this year.

    I stand corrected!
  • The stadium for the new training camp is about a mile or less from my daughter's house and you can see the lights at night from her back yard.

    It is used by both Kansas and the Texas Rangers. Surprised?
  • Since you aren't going away Ray, I am going to ask you if you know how Surprise got it's name?
  • I've been told that the man who founded Surprise, AZ named it after Surprise, Nebraska, his hometown. Not very sexy.

    BTW, I have had absolutely no contact with work since last Friday. And I believe all my posts on the forum have been humorous, with the exception of one.
  • Yes it is, and one not very far from there, the Peoria Sports Complex, is used by the Mariners and Padres. This side of town we have the Angels, Giants and Cubs. Down south, Tucson, is the D-backs and White Sox.
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    This thread has me thinking that in addition to the # of replies and # number of views being listed on the TOPICS page, we should have a "Point of Digression" index which would indicate how many posts included relevant, thoughtful discussion before the thread unraveled into a spatter of one-line, monosyllabic flirtations, rants, inside jokes, insults, and nostalgic references to college football teams, areas of the country, decades, and etc.

    For example, this thread digressed after post number 14. My thread is number 36. If you divide 14 by 36 you get a POD Index of .39

    As examples, the "She Kisses Everyone" thread had a POD index of .31 and the "Does Anyone Else Hate HIPAA" scored an impressive .91

    Some threads are tough to measure because the digressions are momentary. Other threads are in themselves digressions or its tough to tell whether the post is thoughtful or silly as in the "Tennessee Body Odor" thread.

    I'll refine this system if I can clear my afternoon appointments.

    Paul in Cannon Beach
  • Interesting analysis, Paul. I've made another observation that seems to coincide with the general level of silliness lately: All of our (as I put it) "badged" friends are staying away in droves -- No James, no Margaret, no Christy, no attorney editors, etc. Am I the only one who has noticed that?
  • Beagle,

    You are referring to the "Squirrel vs. Nut" quotient which is an entirely different discussion.

    It would be interesting to cross reference Christy Reeders PTO dates with the point of digression indexes and look for any trends. I would suspect a strong correlation.

    Paul in CB
  • You're one of those people I used to make fun of in college who actually LIKED statistics class, aren't you, Paul?
  • I'm a little less anal than Paul suggests we should be. I'd rather count the number of edits posts from people like Paul contain. Quotient THIS Paul!!
  • To be my usual anal self and get this thread back on topic, I'm offended, Paul! I can be silly sometimes. x;-)
  • Maybe our badged friends are busy Poofing things away. . I swear I saw a post on the conferate flag this am and it is gone or I sure as heck can't find it. .
  • Talk about way too much time on your hands! {Guess this would be considered a one-liner}
  • Paul's concerns seem much easier to deal with now that I'm naked.
  • You're the same guy who described yourself as a part time preacher? Naked? Be very careful with that tie-tack on Sunday.
  • Actually I am not a statistics guy. More of a feeler type. The POD index was a rare foray into numerical analysis for me. I probably messed it up. But it was just for fun anyway.

    Paul in CB
  • OK. Let me get this straight. WOCO Frank, the part-time preacher, is naked while he writes to us and Parabeagle is not really anal but touchy-feely. Is this supposed to be offensive or erotic?
  • Now hold on here a minit! This guy who is telling us he is naked is the same guy who told us yesterday he's a part time preacher?
  • I know I haven't been around much lately. I'm just buried under a mountain of projects -- all of them urgent, of course. By the time I notice an interesting discussion, I've missed so much that I have to write a long-winded message to catch up.

    I don't know about the other "badged" people. (Badgers?) (Actually it's a shield, not a badge....)

    I've noticed the increased silliness quotient on the Forum. I'm Mr. Irreverent, but we don't want to drown out serious topics in the "serious" areas of the Forum, like HR & Employment Law Questions. For example, the discussion of the confederate flag got pushed down the list:

    I guess we should pay a little more attention to where messages are originally posted, keeping the funny and philosophical topics in HR-de-har-har. And we monitors probably should move some messages, like this one, over to HR-de-har-har. But I don't want to throw a wet blanket on the party.

    James Sokolowski
  • James: You're a 4 o'clock trouble maker in more ways than one. We have those sorts in our places of employment. Those people who wait till 4:00 on Friday to stir up trouble just when we're trying to finish up the week. You should be down at city hall working on that 'stink-quotient-ordinance' for the city of Brentwood.
  • I haven't weighed in because I've been away for eight days in Alaska! It's taken me three hours to even skim through the Forum since I was gone, but I'm now caught up on BO in Tennessee - just another thing for us to be proud of after passing the Road Kill Bill a few years back!

    Margaret Morford
  • Okay - I'll go for it. Tell us about the Road Kill Bill, unless the POD will be further deteriorated for this thread to an unacceptable level. In that case, we may have to initiate another tread and stick to the topic of road kill.

  • Our state legislature passed a bill a few years back that permitted people to take home and consume anything that they found dead on the highway. It was passed for the purpose of allowing people to take home deer that had been hit and killed by cars and eat them. Jay Leno did jokes on Tennessee for weeks afterwards. He even called our governor, who refused to talk to him. I haven't seen any BO jokes yet, but he's on vacation now.

    Roadkill, BO and Hee Haw - No wonder everyone thinks we're the Beverly Hillbillies!

    Margaret Morford
  • This is actually more serious than the casual reader might think. In this state, as well, you can literally be thown in jail for picking up a deer you ran over. A friend of mine, last deer season, while fully dressed out in camo and hunter orange, was driving to deer camp at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. He was no doubt dreaming of biscuits and gravy, deer steak, sitting around a campfire, and a 12 point buck. His truck collided on a public highway with an 8-point buck that weighed approximately 210 pounds. He drug it up in the back of his pickup and was summarily arrested and detained by the local constabulary (that's cops to those of you in TN and ARK). The deer was seized and taken to a nursing home. The fine was $500. Laugh if you will, but states that have these laws require either than the game animal be left on the roadside or permission granted to have it taken to a non-profit with a kitchen. Of course, the game warden can take him to his own freezer, nyuk nyuk. Unless it's freezing weather, an hour on the roadside renders it inedible, in all states except one, which I have already mentioned.
  • I think we need more than a road kill thread. We may need a whole Tennessee forum. ;)
  • James - Thanks for posting the link to the old Confederate flag link. I'd lost track of it, and now I can revive the thread if I get bored.

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