Manager Training Suggestions

I have to develop an in house training program for managers and supervisors on HR issues. Does anyone have a training outline or program that they are willing to share?


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  • I would also be interested in this information if anyone has it to share!


  • We gather all our location managers and assistant managers monthly for a full day of training. I have a one hour time slot for this every month and have been working on a list of topics that I "hit" annually. (Or some I do more frequently)

    This isn't really a new-manager training list but could be made into one. It's not in a specific order yet, just my brainstorming;
    - Employment discrimination (I use the M Lee Smith video)
    - EEO-1 report: why we do it, supervisor's responsibility with the self identification form, how to answer ee questions about it
    - W-2's: when they'll be sent out, how to read them, answering employee questions about them, requests for duplicates
    - Open Enrollment: this year's bene's package, effective dates, where to find more info, how we are rolling out changes, etc.
    - Employee Discounts: how to calculate, special situations, ets. (Of course this is industry specific. We are a childcare company and the discounts can get confusing)
    - Compensation and Pay Increase Guidlines: policy review
    - Employee File Requirements (we have state regs for documentation childcare staff qualifications, but you could train on your own requirements)
    - 401k Plan: enrollment periods, how it works, answering common ee questions, supervisor responsibilities re: enrollment/changes
    - Employee Discipline: when a write up is warranted (vs. informal discussions) and how to write a document: what must be included
    - Staff morale boosters: easy and inexpensive
    - New hire welcoming ideas
    - Employee Safety: monthly training requirements, safety inspections
    - Employee Injuries: reporting procedures, following the claim
    - Leaves of Absence: what is a Leave, required forms, supervisor's responsibility
    - Quality Reviews (our version of a performance eval but it evaluates all aspects of their school's operation) Tips for getting an "easy 5" (the highest possible score)
    - Staff turnover: how it's calculated, why do people leave, and what are you and your team doing about it?
    - Interviewing and Hiring: using hte interview forms, making revisions to forms, making smart hiring decisions, offering the job
    - Staff Inservice Training Requirements (state reg for childcare)
    - How to have fun and effective staff meetings
    - Payroll: time and attendance, new hire paperwork, personnel changes, how to complete forms, when they are due, what happens if they are late, etc.
    - Holiday and Vacation pay: how it's accrued, maximums, how it hits the bottom line, etc.
    - Insurance bene's: employer costs, how it affects the bottom line, importance of reporting terms timely so we get credit, etc.

    Am sure I missed plenty, but hope it helps you get started.

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