Go Home Sick policy

Recently there was a report on CNN about employers sending sick employees home from work.

How does your company handle this issue? We are researching various legal options.

Thanks for your input.


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  • When someone is apparantly sick we ask them to go home for concern for other employees catching an illness that no one wishes to have. Yesterday, I became ill from some medication I had taken before coming to the office. The General Manager was very busy but at 11:00 he came in to my office and directed me to go home and rest. Someone thought I was having a stroke and told the GM about my morning. After lunch, I felt well enough to drive and he let me go. He had originally offered to drive me himself but I talked him into waiting until after my meal had a chance to work. It helped to clear the medications and I left about 1:00 PM.

    The point here is when you send some one home due to some illness, you are playing doctor, nurse, and risk manager and you or someone must consider the impacts on the situation. We do and everyone expects us to act, accordingly. Time is money for all of us and we must lean to protect the company and the ee with each event.

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