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  • Knowledgepoint is a computer software program that creates performance evaluations. $100-200 range to purchase. They also have job descriptions and policies software. You can access them through hrtools.com or knowledgepoint.com
  • I looked at knowledge point originally and found the program too expensive for a small company of under 100 employees. I would love to locate a web based PA system if anyone has used one that is low cost I would appreciate the information.
  • I would like a copy of the evaluation form. Also do you have more information where I could obtain the Knowledgepoint software? My email is [email]kschulenberg@nekcap.org[/email] or fax 785-742-2164. THANK YOU!!

  • I would like to have a copy. Send to:
    [email]lewis.keith@cmcsg.com[/email] or fax to: 361-575-7757.

  • May I please have a copy as well?

    [email]johnette@deangelospizzeria.com[/email] or fax at 225-756-0094.

    Thank you!!!
  • This year I implemented a new bi-annual "review and development" form which replaced our old annual evaluation form. The main difference in this concept is:
    1) All employees are reviewed at the same time. This reduces the headache of tracking down evals at all times of the year. Also, it makes it easier to introduce departmental/organizational goals to employees during their evaluation.
    2) Its more interactive. Instead of the supervisor doing all the talking it encourages a dialogue to help supervisor and employee figure out ways to improve performance.
    3) It only focuses on 3-4 "problem areas". Instead of grocery list of performance areas, it focuses exclusively on the areas that would make the most impact if performance improved. I am a big believer in "keep it simple".
    4) It recognizes areas where the employee excells and it establishes training goals for areas where improvement is needed.

    I was very happy with our first round of evaluations (conducted in January) and I am looking forward to the second one in June.

  • The problem with evaluation forms is that they are subjective. We changed our format this past year. Instead of rating employees on how they perform the duties described in their job description, we decided to eliminate that section and replace it with their goals for the current year. We have a Company Business Plan and each department manager had to develop their own Department Business Plan - and had to develop goals for each member of their department, which in turn will help the company achieve their goals. Everyone had input into developing their goals. Since achieving the company goals is our number one priority, we weighted the goal section as 70% of the employees rating. Section 2 is Performance Factors and that is rated 30%.

    The job description really just lists the tasks required of each employee. There is the possibility they could handle their tasks but still not achieve their goals. The employees cannot say much if they receive a low rating because they didn't accomplish their goals since they helped set them. They were measurable and achievable. The only problem is each manager has their own way of rating and we had to look at each department average instead of a company-wide average. Also, we are contemplating changing the % to possibly 65/35.

    Each employee and manager completes their own evaluation and then meet to discuss their ratings. Everyone really likes this design much better than having to go through each part of the job description and being rated on it.
  • All this chat on performance reviews is interesting. This always seems to be a hot topic. I have developed them both internally and for clients. A few years ago I changed my thinking about them due to Tom Coens & Mary Jenkins book, "Abolishing Performance Appraisals."

    Most people don't like doing appraisals, don't do them well & most peolple who are subject to them don't like them (actually most peole get pissed off). Additionaly, they usually get you in trouble (the company), especially in a court of law. There is another way - on-going feedback/communication. If managers/supervisors are taught to do this you can easily fulfill the need to have something on file - either the person does or does not fulfill the job requirements.

    If anything talk about goals, making sure the resources are available and have an ongoing conversation about status and progress being made.

    Think about how many different types of performance appraisals have been developed and where they ultimately end up - trashed - because they don't work well.

    I realize that what I and Tom Coens propose is moving away from tradition and causes some culture change in organizations but it really is what makes the most sense. It is the best way to get buy-in and reduce some headaches because it becomes a process not an event.

    A colleague & I are currently developing a tool that can help this process. If anyone would like to talk further about this, feel free to contact me - [email]BresGroup@4u.net[/email]

    Good luck with your annual rush to get your reviews done!
  • This sounds refreshing! Do you have anything you can share about this process?

    Pat Pierce
    U. S. Distilled Products Co.
  • memiller, would it be possible to get a sample copy of the evaluation process your company goes through? It sounds like something we have been contemplating for the past year. Thank you.
  • Would you mind sharing your Evaluation Form with me?
    It sounds like it takes all important factors into play.
    My email is: [email]djacobs@teamist.net[/email]

    Thank you.
  • Paul

    I am currently in the process if revising our company's performance appraisal process to try to incorporate a more active participation/dialogue between managers and their employees. Keeping it simple is definitely an advantage. I would be very interested in learning more about your bi-annual review and development process. Would you be willing to share your form with me and possibly how you rolled it out to your managers and employees? My e-mail address is

    Also, do you tie your this process with merit increases.

    Our Company is changing to a common date merit increase for our exempt employees. I am looking for examples of how company's that are on a common date increase develop merit guidelines that tie in their performance appraisal ratings. Does your evaluation process have an overall rating incorporated in it?

    phone # 716-942-4949
  • I would also like the evaluation form. My fax number is 262-878-1580. We use a 5 page evaluation form. It covers every area. The employee completes his/her section, the manager completes the same section using the employee comments. It is very hard for the employee to complete. Your asking the employee to remember every thing he/she did for the last year. I think something easier to complete whould be better. The evaluation forms were created before I started working here. I find that the forms are completed with information from the last 2 months before eval time and not with the accomplishments from the last year.
  • I've always found employee evaluations difficult until I discovered an employee review writer called Performance Now by a company called Knowledgepoint. (They also have computer software to create job descriptions and employee handbooks.) The Performance Now product cost $175.00 and is worth every penny. It has builtin intelligence that helps you track, manage and evaluate performance and conduct. You can set up different formats that measure different areas of performance based on the employee jobs. It has 30 plus elements you may choose from. Under each element, there are specific measureable subcategories. Each element can be rated from a 1 to a 5.

    You just point and click on the rating and the program automatically writes, clear, meaningful text. It even uses the employees name in the text. For example, "John organizes his work to achieve maximum efficiency. He is very good at prioritizing and planning his work." If you rank an employee high or low, the program will automatically advise you to provide concrete examples in the comment section. Based upon the ratings you give, it will give you a list of "sugesstions for improvement." See their web site at [url]http://www.knowledgepoint.com[/url]
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