Policies for move from time cards to integrated card swipe

We are moving from a timeclock (relic, I know) to a card swipe machine. What policies to some of you have in place regarding time reporting. Also, our exempt people don't complete any type of card, but paid time off is memo'd. How do you handle salaried people. We are using Optimum Solutions payroll system which will integrate with Syspro ERP software.

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  • ALL of our employees turn in time sheets. Hourly employees report hours worked. Exempt employees report days off. By signing the time sheet they verify that they worked during the time period, and also help us keep track of leave.

    All leaves (except holidays) require an approved leave slip. The slip is attached to the back of the time sheets. Again, this holds true for both exempt and non-exempt employees. The time sheets are all signed by the employee's supervisor, except for the President who signs both as employee and as supervisor.

    Good luck!

  • Non-exempt employees clock in and out on their computer when they come in, leave for lunch, return from lunch, and leave for the day. Leave is submitted via this same system to supervisor, who can approve or deny. E-mail notification is received by Employee letting them know whether leave was approved or denied.

    Exempt employees (salaried) do not clock in or out. Any leave they take is submitted via computer to me, and I can approve or deny. They receive e-mail notification of approval or denial.

    A time card report can be generated for any non-exempt employee at any time for any time period. This is like a time card. Also, a leave report can be generated for any employee, exempt or non-exempt, for any time period. We rarely need to do this.

    The system ties into our payroll system (Solomon). The clock in/out/leave system was developed in-house. No paper, no filing, no mess! I love it.

    All of the above processes are automated.
  • ALL of our employees use our time system which is a hand reader. Exempts clock in or out daily (preferable in & out) to establish that they were in that day; non-exempts clock in @ the start of their shift, in & out for lunch & at the end of the day. Missed punches are edited by the department supervisor with an e-mail/memo from the non-exempt employee. At the end of the payperiod each employee signs off on time sheet which is approved by the supervisor. Leave requests are completed for any vacation time & sent to me to confirm the available time.
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