Deductions and minimum wage

I know there has been discussion on this before but I'm looking for clarification..

If an EE has deductions from their check (insurance, child support, other voluntary deductions), where does the minimum wage rule come into play? What I mean is..

If an EE makes $11.00 per hour but does not work a full week, would we take their gross wage, subtract their deductions, take that amount and divide by the total hours worked and that amount needs to be equal to, or greater than, minimum wage or is it taking the taxes off as well and dividing that amount?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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  • LindaS: We use a six month history for regular employees to determine the actual amount that garnishments, child support, IRS, and EDucation orders is to be deducted from an employee's pay. Any time the number of hours decreases below 32, we go through the calculations to make sure the result is not less than minimum wage. This causes court orders to take behind seats for payment of IRS, ED, Child Support, and then all other garnishments. Child support is now at up to 65% of their gross wages, so some employees don't get a great deal of weekly pay.

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