Marketing Coordinator: Exempt or not?

We're trying to determine if this position will be exempt or non-exempt. Your thoughts please (thanking you in advance).

Prepare/make presentations within the state explaining opportunities to recoup expenses through our service.
Stay abreast of current Medicaid law and regs (state and national).
Provide technical assistance, training and support to members regarding the service.
Develop and update annual marketing plan and strategy to promote further growth.
Maintain e-mail distribution lists.
Assure proper maintenance of system records, billing production and reconciliation.
Collaborate with technology consultants for software changes/enhancements.


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  • In my opinion, you'll need to broaden your definition of 'assure' and 'collaborate' in order to justify exemption. Does 'assure' include supervising and directing the work of others or making independent judgements throughout the month without direct supervision to accomplish business objectives? Does 'collaborate' include meeting with others to formulate policy or make final determinations independent of oversight and immediate supervision? If yes to those last two, I would lean toward exemption. If not, you may have what amounts to a Marketing Assistant.
  • my guess would be to make this a non-exempt position from the above description. it appears to be more clerical/administrative versus professional or executive. error on the side of caution. refer to federal wage and hour website to get a wealth of information on how to classify employees between exempt and non-exempt.

    good luck
  • I agree with the others to make this non-exempt. Usually something titled "Coordinator" is a fancy term for an administrative assistant. (Not that you can go strictly by titles). Exempt marketing individuals are usually in charge of developing plans, budgets, events, promotions, advertising and/or public relations.

    They usually also have a support person or staff working under them.

    The position, as you describe it, doesn't appear to meet these type qualifications.
  • The description of duties/responsibilities seem to be non-exempt.
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