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Does anyone use a PC based timeclock software they would recommend?


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  • We use a Kronos timeclock which is directly linked with my PC. The employees use swipe cards. I can go in and update and look at all swipes. For salaried employees it automatically gives them 40 hours each week and then if something needs to be changed I can go in and change it manuelly. Each week when I do the payroll I print out reports and give them to each manager. I then e-mail the data from the timeclock to our payroll service. It works really well. We have about 170 employees and pay weekly. I can do payroll in about two hours. We've had the timeclock for about 7 years with no problems. The initial investment was expensive and the updates have been expensive. But, we have never had any problems and it's very efficient. Hope that helps.
  • We also have the Kronos system but not for salaried. There are nine stations in the facility for employees to swipe badges. They also swipe them and key a code when they change activities; such as moving from direct labor to a training situation or from shipping to machining. This is essential in manufacturing so that a proper analysis can be made of productivity, set up times, etc. The Kronos system is the best I've ever seen, although there are rough spots (infrequently). Their support people are competent and responsive. The system ain't free and annual maintenance contracts on hardward and software run about $2500 for one facility. By the way, this system also does a good job of tracking who was in the facility and when.
  • We also use the KRONOS system. I understand there is the ability for each individual to "clock in" at their PC, but we just have individual timeclocks in each office that is linked up to our payroll coordinator.

    We also purchased the HRIS segment from KRONOS, which is working out very well.

  • There are alternatives to Kronos that may be more cost effective, functional and provide better customer support. Datamatics, in business since 1966, is the original developer of the desktop clock and has over 2000 client installations. Please visit our web site at [url]http://www.datamatics.net[/url] or contact me for more information and/or a demo.
  • We've been using the Kronos system for a couple of years - we use the hand punch. We have plants in 2 states and had no problems. It's expensive at the beginning but EE cannot state they lost their time cards or do a "buddy"punch. I would recommend.
  • I'm sorry to be ignorant, Vic, but what is a "hand punch"? (other than the kind thrown by boxers?)
  • Keska: I don't know anything about datamatics or your product. I do know you aren't supposed to be hawking your product on this website. If I had ever used your product I would have commented on it. Unless you know for a fact that your product is better and your customer service is superior and you are more cost effective, I think you landed a cheap shot at Kronos by insinuating that it is all three.
  • You enter your employee ID and then insert your hand to clock in. New hires are set up in the clock by authorized supervisor (usually me) - it takes picture of their hand (not fingerprinting), shape, etc. It works great and all employees seem happy with it. They don't have to keep up with badges, etc. I think the proper name is a biometric clock.
  • Don;
    Do you really believe that everyone responding to inquiries on this site is who they say they are?
    Someone forwarded me a link to this site. I knew nothing about it and filled in the inforamtion honestly. I do believe that we offer a better product that is less expensive than Kronos and that we provide better service. I went out of my way not to say that in my earlier e-mail. I just said that there are alternatives that MAY be better. If pointing out that there are alternatives that may better suit client needs is taking a "cheap shot" than I am guilty. By the way, I would be happy to show you our software via the web and answer any questions you may have. Please contact me if you are interested.

  • Don, you're right that we normally would zap a sales pitch immediately. In this case, though, Terrima was asking for product recommendations, and Keska responded directly to the question, so we let it stay. However, if no one had asked for recommendations, we would've zapped it.

    Keska, I may be naive, but I believe almost everyone on the Forum is who they say they are. Veteran Forumites are understandably wary of new folks. But after they post a handful of messages, you start to get a good idea of who they are, especially since we can search for their prior posts and look at their Profile.

    In the future this won't be a big deal. It looks like we'll be limiting Forum membership to subscribers of our monthly newsletters, so everyone will be in HR, benefits, management, etc. We don't have a firm timetable for this, but we'll give you plenty of notice and we'll do everything we can to get non-subscribers to subscribe. That's all I know. I'll let you know when there's more to know.

    James Sokolowski
  • James: A confidential friend who rarely posts sent me this. Reckon there's any truth to it? I do note that your selective enforcement of Forum policies is still glaringly apparent.

    "Don, I missed the posts from the salesman. Hey, it should be obvious why James caved - he wasn't a competitor. I think they want the forum to be void of the give and take, just simple questions and answers without the editorial or humorous comments. And unfortunately, whether you are right or wrong James will not listen to you if you hit the alert button. He will assume you are retaliating. Not fair, but it's life."
  • Don and friend, you raise some important issues that need to be addressed.

    Don, you've accused me several times of selective enforcement. If that's the same as making subjective decisions, then I'm guilty. Every decision we make about HRhero.com is subjective, which means you can make good arguments to the contrary. But we try to do what's best for all of our readers.

    Friend, if a competing company tried to hawk its products on our website, the message would disappear faster than a pint of Moose Tracks ice cream in my freezer. We're a little more forgiving with non-competitors who don't make blatant, unsolicited sales pitches.

    Don, when you (or anyone else) hit the Alert button to complain about a post, we listen seriously. You complained about Keska and Rodney soliciting business on the Forum. In each case, Forum moderators discussed the situation and decided to allow the messages to stay, since they addressed the topic at hand. But we explained the rules to Keska and Rodney, and they haven't done anything wrong since then.

    In other words, we investigated your complaints, enforced the rules, and explained our decisions to you via e-mail. We also spent a lot of time debating and drafting a solicitation policy ([url]http://www.hrhero.com/employersforum/help4.shtml#selling[/url]).

    We certainly respect your opinions even if we don't agree with them 100%.

    James Sokolowski
  • We used Kronos for many years and it worked well for us. We had same set-up with employees swiping badges thru the clock.
    However, we just swiched over to Ceridian. It allows you to swipe and/or clock in via your PC. It also works with the Mac, which was very important for us.
    It is a web based punch system. Employees go to the website, log in with their employee ID and password, and simply click on a button that says "punch". Takes all of 30 seconds.
  • James, please say it aint so!!
    I am unemployed, as you might remember from previous posts. I am an HR professional and I still need this forum but I doubt I can afford to become a subscriber.
    If you go forward with this I doubt I can afford the forum rehabilitation facility that I will need to check into!
    Seriously, I am still using this forum in my efforts to increase my knowledge of HR and my pursuit of a new job.
    I know there have been others in my position.
    Please don't cut us off!!!!! xpray
  • I'm sorry, FHR, we really don't want to lose you. Hopefully you'll have a job by then.

    We've talked about limiting membership since the Forum opened. There are several advatages -- privacy, customer service, knowing that everyone on the Forum is legit. Unfortunately, we run the risk of losing some valuable Forumites like you, but we'll do our best to keep everyone.

    Good luck with your job hunt.

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  • James,
    I have two points to hit. First, if going forward you only allowed new member who subscribed to the newsletter, that would be a great way to balance the needs you addressed and those who have been here a while.
    Second man are you out of your mind! Never by moose tracks by the pint, only half gallons! Even then is disappears incredibly quickly.
    Remember never by just a pint................that is just torturing yourself.
    My $0.02 worth.
    DJ The Balloonman
  • Hey Balloonman, we've talked about grandfathering current Forumites, and I'll bring it up again. This whole idea isn't quite on the front burner, and we have a lot of details to work out. I wanted to mention it, tho, so we don't blindside the regular Forumites when the time comes.

    Now, I can eat a whole lot xhugs of Moose Tracks ice cream x:9 but I'd probably end up as big as a moose! x:o

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  • I must admit that I don't have a clue what 'moose tracks' are/is. I can only assume it is a product that are/is ingested/eaten/inhaled. And I won't hazard a guess as to how it relates to Forum membership or access.
  • Don,
    It is an ice cream, that yes is inhaled. :-)
    Don had two seperate points in the one post, technically it does not relate to forum membership. However professionals in our field may find the consumption of moosetracks a good substitute for alcohol when it has been one of those days/weeks.
    I had to address it as James had shown he can have very poor judgement..........buying it by the pint instead of by the half gallon!
    My $0.02 worth.
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  • We are currently in the process of implementing a system marketed by Sierra Solutions out of CA. Its called WebClock.

    If you want the number let me know
  • I am supposed to convert to a PC based timeclock this year. We use ADP to process our payroll. Does anyone have any input on their system?
  • We have used ADP's PC system since September 2000. Before that we used paper time sheets to record our time. Once we got everyone 'trained' to use the clock, it worked great. I spoke with our payroll supervisor who said she would kill to keep it. I take that to mean no problems with administration.

    Anne in Ohio
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