Immigration Reform Act of 2006

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We continue to experience 100% success with our use of the on-line employment verification system, currently known as the Basic Pilot Program for the verification of I-9 data. Our parent company with units in NC, SC, Texas, IA, and Mississippi have taken our lead and the entire corporate body is now using The Basic Pilot Program for the enrollment process of 100% of all new hires.

My company has now used the system 131 times and has successfully verified the information submitted by the employee on the I-9 document. All 131 cases have been submitted and now contained in the I-9 file is a copy of all documents prepared by the system with either an 'approval to employ' or a 'non-confirmed' document used to refer the individual to either the USCIS or SSA. These documents show that we referred the employee for correction of the errors (mis-matched data)recorded on the original I-9 document. Terminations, when the individual did not return with corrected information, we place a copy of the termination document with the I-9 file to show how we resolved the case without the discrimination of anyone.

Additionally, you may be interested in the fact that we are a user of the on-line system, therefore, without some reason very apparant, we would, most likely, never get an on-site audit. However, that is not the most important reason to be on-line and using the system. For this company it is the execution of the system, which is catching people with errors in their individual data bank records and provides for the formal correction of those errors.

We have yet to refer a "Foreign National" to any agency, who has then returned with corrected data sheets for input into the system which then corrects the system, thus resolving all issues for the employee and the employer..... It is all documented!

We look forward to the congress enacting this system, which will remove the voluntary status at some point.



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  • I have been using the SAVE program for years. I was in the initial program when it really was a "pilot" program prior to 9-11. Please let me encourage all employers to enroll.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-06-06 AT 01:36PM (CST)[/font][br][br]JanHill: Finally, another real user of the S.A.V.E. program is willing to come on-line and express a success story. I only have 118 success stories and one year of experience with the Basic Pilot Program, the step child of the S.A.V.E. system.

    Needless to say, I have been a voluntary participant as a HR for a private company and have found nothing but satisfaction of the pilot program. This item has had many hours and threads from some members. We are only 6000+ strong against many more non-users who are waiting for some reason to get on-board.

    From the start, I was a member of the SSA verification of SSN "on-line test program" and discovered, we needed more than the SSA program. We needed to be able to enter the data bank of the USCIS. The government already had the S.A.V.E. program for all government agencies to use, but the private employer was left out of that loop. "The Basic Pilot Program" was the creation which allowed the private employer to come on line and get government approval of the submission of data from the I-9. It works for me and I have been cheering it on through this and other professional linkages.

    All of our membership have not listen to me, but many have, and that is good. Some of our membership of this forum have expressed a down right "hateful attitude" toward the governments attempts at helping the private employer, and are waiting for the government to make it law.

    My current postings on this site has been to keep those of our members, who are still waiting to remain in touch with the current movement of this program from a voluntary to a mandatory program like the S.A.V.E.

    I assume you as a long term user of the SAVE Program, and therefore, associated with a governmental agency. I hope you will tell this forum of your successes over the long term. How many inquiries have you posted? What has been your success at completing an inquiry and "resolving each case" to the the employer's and the employee's satisfaction? We have 100% at both and we have a complete documented file on all 118 cases.

  • Richard,

    I think the hateful people are on another forum. You have been a lone voice on this for awhile and I admire you for sticking to your guns. Its nice that you have some company now. You are both probably way ahead of the curve.
  • Thanks for your feedback. We are not a government entity. I first found out about the program at an I-9 seminar that the Catholic Charities here in Dallas puts on annually. They always have key-note speakers from governmental agencies. I would also encourage employers, especially HR professionals, to take advantage of any seminars along that line.

    The S.A.V.E. program has helped us greatly. I have received "unconfirmed" data on a few of my new employees. Fortunately, we were able to get the issues cleared up. This helps everyone including the employee.
  • what happened to the post that was made today?? What's with the censorship?? Doesn't seem real fair or honest to me!
  • >Richard,
    >I think the hateful people are on another forum.


    I would like you to retract that statement. This is just as antagonistic as anything anyone else has ever said.

    You have just proven that you can be just as hateful as the next person. Get over it and get on with your life. You have shown your ignorance by offending people that have not done or said anything to you. I try to participate here and TheHRForum. I continue to pay dues to M. Lee Smith and they allow you to point me out as being hateful if I participate elsewhere. In the words of my 10 year old daughter "HOW RUDE"!

    I was a frequent poster here before, now I lurk and post here and there...but ya know what, that doesn't give you any right to insult me or classify me as hateful.

    Life is a give and take...not everyone will agree on everything. So allow me to point a finger at you this time.

  • HRGirl, Paul was merely referring to those who were so rude to Pork in the past when he posted about this program. They resorted to personal attacks and extreme ridicule. Paul did not imply everyone on the other forum is hateful. He was merely pointing out that those who treated Pork hatefully in the past no longer post here. Paul's statement was neither hateful nor rude.
  • >HRGirl, Paul was merely referring to those who
    >were so rude to Pork in the past when he posted
    >about this program. They resorted to personal
    >attacks and extreme ridicule. Paul did not
    >imply everyone on the other forum is hateful.
    >He was merely pointing out that those who
    >treated Pork hatefully in the past no longer
    >post here. Paul's statement was neither hateful
    >nor rude.


    You're incorrect Ray. Lots of posters on both Forums (fora?) have grown tired of the SAVE commentary and some on both sites have ridiculed Pork's constant pushing it. A few of the more vocal ones may not be posting here, but rest assured some are.

    I find it very admirable that you defend both and I commend you on it. I don't have any issues with you or Pork but I do have with Paul and his generalization that "another forum" contains "hateful" people. I find it ironic that he's remained silent when someone asks for an apology or a retraction of such a broad statement. Does he walk a mile in my shoes, NO...does he know me...NO and this is where I find it rude and very condescending to others and not just myself.

    I have never taken umbrage in anything anyone has ever said on this site, I have much thicker skin than most, but this time I do.

  • I take umbrage, too, HRGirl. I participate in both forums, and this is the one that has caused all the name-calling and whining. Grow up, Paul.

  • >I take umbrage, too, HRGirl. I participate in
    >both forums, and this is the one that has caused
    >all the name-calling and whining. Grow up,

    Don't bother Linda, after reading some of the other posts, I've come to the conclusion that I've been labeled hateful as well as a Troll, not worthy of any opinions or feelings. An apology will never come, they feel they've done nothing wrong...but yet I have because I spoke up and voiced my feelings. Think back Paul, when did I ever ruffle a feather?

    I understand now what I am dealing with. One word describes it and it's discrimination. I ran with the "wrong" crowd, and I am therefore a lesser person.

    Man-up Paul and lets talk? Isn't this a place where we can come and have playful banter and friendly disagreements? Or is it just with those you like, or those that agree with your opinions?

    Oh your busy keeping the "Thread that Won't Die" alive.

  • I have been in meetings and so this is my first chance to reply.

    First off, my comment mentioned no one and even no forum by name. So if you felt it was directed at you, I guess there is a reason for that.

    That said, "hateful" is probably too strong of a word and certainly doesn't describe everyone on the other forum. But that is the word Richard used so I repeated it.

    I still have a hard time believing that my one comment is so offensive to you and yet you weren't offended by the entire THREAD that was devoted to ridiculing Pork.

    Would you explain that to me?
  • >I have been in meetings and so this is my first
    >chance to reply.
    >First off, my comment mentioned no one and even
    >no forum by name. So if you felt it was
    >directed at you, I guess there is a reason for
    >That said, "hateful" is probably too strong of a
    >word and certainly doesn't describe everyone on
    >the other forum. But that is the word Richard
    >used so I repeated it.
    >I still have a hard time believing that my one
    >comment is so offensive to you and yet you
    >weren't offended by the entire THREAD that was
    >devoted to ridiculing Pork.
    >Would you explain that to me?

    Paul, I found it more irritating than offensive, we know what forum you were implying, and I started replying but deleted it. Now I will reply.

    Pork said "hateful attitude". That's a WHOLE lot different than "hateful people" which is what you said.
  • Kathy,

    My point was that the people who ridiculed Pork aren't here any more. Whether or not I agree with Pork, I think he has the right to discuss SAVE or any other issue.

    If my choice of words offended or irritated you, I apologize as that was not my intent.

    Richard (Pork) has been put through more than what most of us would endure and personally I think he is owed an apology as well.

  • Paul, I don't post on here much any more, even though I've been a paid member for three years but I feel somehow compelled to respond for the first time in a while. And, I equally don't post on the forum you directed your comment towards. I frequent a couple of others but will from time to time check the pulse of these two.

    As KathyHR stated, we ALL know where your inappropriate comment was directed. It was that direct. You won't address your comment but instead are constantly trying to shift the subject matter to other issues. I am saddened not only by your attitude but also by the lack of informative issues & discussion left on this board. Maybe that is why I am such an infrequent visitor anymore and that IS by my choice.

    Carry on ... th-down
  • Beave,

    I don't think my comments were innappropriate. Sorry.

    I don't like seeing a group of people single one person out and pick on them. I Didn't like it in Jr. High and don't like it now.

    Hopefully, you'll post more here. That is the best way to make the forum more interesting and informative.

  • Paul, I'm not with any "group". If you'll go to the "other" site, you'll notice I've only posted there TWO (2) times! I've posted here nearly 300 times total. So, I'm not in any "group" that is out to get anyone. I just noticed something & pointed it out.

    I don't appreciate you refering to me being in a Jr High acting "group". I didn't call you names or insult you & I'm not going to have you draw me down to that level. I offered a very independent observation & you obviously are choosing to insult others to change to subject away from my point.

    It's really to bad, this used to be a very useful site for me. I wish you well!
  • HRGirl, if you are indeed tired of the SAVE commentary, skip it and go to another thread.

    I, for one, enjoy Pork's commentary and look forward to more from Pork and Jan.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-08-06 AT 08:03PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Yes Larry, exactly what I was thinking. You don't like Pork's posts on the SAVE program, don't read them. Don't even open them.

    I find this thread an interesting study in human nature. On the other forum some of us have been named specifically, our sexuality has been questioned, we have been vilified, called names, had our names twisted into something obscene, publicly humiliated. Yet, Paul had the audacity to use the word hateful. Yes, Pork used the term "hateful attitudes" and Paul said hateful people. Well, it is people who have the attitudes and display them. Not a whole lot difference between what they said. It just amazes me that people have been so eager to jump on Paul for his choice of words even though he did not mention names, did not question anyone's sexuality, did not twist anyone's name to make it obscene and did not publicly humiliate anyone.

    As I see it, the two forums in question have different personalities. There is room for both, it is a very large internet. Unfortunately, one is a split off the other and it was not an amicable split. It divided people who were once friends who chose one forum over the other. And those who have tried to remain active on both forums have found themselves forced at times to take sides. It seems very few have remained loyal to both forums without some form of antipathy appearing. And every so often this antipathy boils up and angry words are posted, as we see in this thread. What saddens me is that there are many new people on the other forum who have no idea who we are here and have made value judgments. There are many new people on this forum who also may make value judgments or just wonder what in the world all the commotion is about. Do I think the people on the other forum are hateful? No, there are people there I still call friends. I hate no one over there and wish them no ill will. It has been less than a year since the split and eventually all this will fade into the distance. In the grand scheme of things, it is a nit we are picking.
  • OK folks--in the overall scheme of things, it just ins't that important. Move on.
  • lrie: Sorry, I have been been away for business issues sense I posted last and I am going to take another opportunity here to post again.

    For anyone new and enjoying the threads for whatever reason, I recommend the exercise of reading HR issues and dialogue on a number of HR forums. After 28 years of being in the HR and people business I have gained a lot from hearing from others on particular issues. The S.A.V.E. program and the Basic Pilot Program (BPP) is a topic that I, on behalf of my present employer, have found success in the professional process of enrolling employees into this company and in compliance with the requirement to complete an I-9 form. I have disliked the I-9 and its given purpose for one reason. Before S.A.V.E. and the follow on the BPP, we HRs everywhere were assigned an impossible task of preventing illegal workers from becoming employed and earning an income. Our government provided us with a requirement but they did not provide the tools to execute the program.

    My assistant and I were allowed to enter the SSA test program as the test company for the entire state of Mississippi. We worked with the SSA and discovered that the SSA program was a good start and after two years of testing and development, we were pointed to the BPP system. The SSA was a good start, but we were not catching all false documents, a few foreign nationals were getting past the SSA checks.

    We then dropped the ssa testing program and jumped to the BPP. I found success and am still very pleased with the outcome of the BPP.

    Yes, this topic has been my center piece for posting on this forum, so that the information can be read by Hrhero forum members. If you check you will find "very few original post" placed on this board by me. I used to respond alot, except for BPP.

    My comment on "hateful attitudes" can be seen on the "other forum". There is a string of posting on my favorite topic that is credited to me, for which I have never posted on the board. TNHR and "Dandy Don" were communicating with by E-Mail and I believed at first that we were coming to terms with their disagreement and their total rejection of my efforts to keep HRs informed and hopefully getting on board with the program for accomplishing the I-9 data verification!!! They took my words being communicated to them off line and with humiliating intent were posting me onto the other forum and taking words that they wanted posted on their forum for all to read and post back at me, who is not a practicing poster on their forum. Cute idea on how to humiliate me even more, and they did it and no one but TNHR and "DAndy Don" knew that I was not the one responding to their threads. Now, that I believe, steps way over the line of good behavior and I feel sorry for any who gets into their site picture! Last week, there were 45 postings on threads that I never posted. Just go to the their board and you will read and understand the hateful attitude they have demonstrated. Once I realized what was happening I began to feed them private e-mail words for them to post. With these they would take words, sentences, and paragraph that they want to use for their game, and post them.

    I have had a Blessed day and tomorrow, I enter the hospital for some surgery and I will be away for a few weeks. I hope that by the time I get back our government will have passed the Immigration Reform Law with a mandatory provision for all HRs to get on-board with the BPP or a government system in whatever name to validate the I-9 data.

    PORK is my game but Richard is my NAME.
  • Richard/pOrk: Wishing you the best and hope your stay in the hospital is brief. Good to hear from you.
  • Wishing you a positive result with a quick recovery.
  • Richard, I hope all goes well. And please come back as soon as you can to tell us everything is OK.
  • Pork, I wish you a speedy recovery. I'm still going through mine and doing great. I hope your's goes as well. God bless.
  • Take care, Richard, and get well soon!
  • Pork, don't forget to offer yourself FMLA before your surgery.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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