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I know that I've seen posts similar to this, but I need help fast. The background check company that we are using has gotten slower and slower in their turnaround time and I just can't deal with them anymore. My boss told me to find a new one today. I know I can count on your input and recommendations with companies you use. Names and telephone numbers of companies would be wonderful. Thanks as always for your help!


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  • Clarence M. Kelley & Associates

    Have used CMKA for over 4 years with various companies. Quick turnaround & great customer service - I've been very impressed.

  • I've used 2 companies.
    ERS an InfoMart Company


    Service is equal, but ADP, who is also our payroll processer, offered us a package monthly rate, so we switched.
  • I will say it again. ACS Data Search is the best we have had. We had them run a couple checks and our old company, Clarence Kelley run the same checks and ACS got hits that Clarence Kelley missed. If we would have stayed with them we would have had felons working here. Their number is 800-521-9082.
  • I hope you contacted Clarence Kelly and Associates for their read on the dilemma before slamming them publicly. There may have been an explanation. I can't imagine what it would be, but I think I would have had a discussion with them on this after I had all the results in. If it is something as simple as getting accurate results on criminal history (that's pretty straight-forward)I don't know what their explanation could possibly be. Giving them a chance to correct the problem by firing an incompetent 'checker' might have helped them and other employers. All of those places have at least one incompetent, lazy person on staff.
  • ditto, ditto, ditto, on DACS and they have on-line services now and many reports are immediate or over night. Pork
  • We've been very pleased with our provider:

    PreCheck Inc.
    1283 North Post Oak Rd.
    Houston, Tx. 77055-7200

    Direct number to Manager of Sales & Marketing:


  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-08-03 AT 03:07PM (CST) by jrobb (admin)[/font][p]We've been using Infolink Screening ([url][/url]) for Drug & Background Checks with excellent & timely results. Everything is done on-line.

  • I use National Search and Discovery. They turn around a background check in about 24 hours (as long as the information is sent by a deadline). They do a thorough job. Their website is [url][/url].
  • I use Healthcare Employment Screening and their turn around and customer service is great. They get the information to you in 24-48 hours. They can put together a package deal just for your needs. I highly recommend them.
    The contact info. is:

    Healthcare Employment Services Headquarters
    4500 S. 129th Ave, Suite 200
    Tulsa, OK 74134-5885

    Telephone: 888-707-8437

    Fax: 877-881-7591

    e-mail: [email][/email]

    Sales Inquiries

    Customer Service

  • We use PeopleWise. We request and retrieve background checks on line. No calling for results or waiting for it in the mail. We can download and print the report here. It's quicker and easier and there's no hanging on the phone for customer service. Their number is 1-800-631-8776. They've done well for us.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-08-03 AT 08:37AM (CST)[/font][p]Sorry, I forgot to add that you can request the information via online or fax. They will send the information to you via internet or email. (Healthcare Employment Screening)And their rates are the lower than most.
  • How are the charges from these companies? We had been using the same company for years and it has been sold and suddenly their costs are too expensive for what they are deliveryng. We periodically negotiated a flat fee for a "Basic Plus", i.e. criminal, credit, mvr. a flat fee for a "Basic" criminal and MVR, etc. How are you charged?
  • HES charges several different ways. If you want to itemize what you want, they can charge you per State criminal, per county criminal, per MVR, per sex offender, ect... They also have packages already put together that reduces the cost and they can personalize a package for your specific needs at a reduced cost. On average, one of my packages cost $28 and includes State criminal check, County criminal check, OIG, 20/20, Experian address-TRAC, wanted persons security screen, SSN check, License verification, MVR and Sex offender check. That also includes a national criminal registry check. You can add employment verification, Credit report, Adult abuse registry, civil court records, workers comp. report, military reference, education verification, personal/professional reference, or FACIS search.

    Whew! Anywho, they can put together a package for your specific needs and at reduced rate.
  • Thanks everyone for your great input. I have lots to choose from. I knew I could count on you. The company we are currently with is doing flips and backjumps to try to get us to stay. Not on your life. The straw that broke the camals back was my last background check took 8, yes 8 days to get back. They are done!!!!

    Thanks again.
  • [url][/url], hands down, the most quick turnaround time, great customer service and easy to read repts!
  • Many years ago I used to work for a company that did background investigations and this is what I can offer you for advice.
    First, ask if your BIC is using original court or online searches; original court are VASTLY more accurate than online searches, which can and do return many FALSE HITS. You will have to weigh how much security is needed in your individual business. Do you want it fast? or Accurate?
    I did notice that you were from NY, and for original court searches, NY counties are slow, slow, slow!
    Make sure that your applicants are providing all of the information necessary, forms are clear and completed accurately, etc. You would be suprised at how many searches are late because the social security number was wrong, etc.
    THE MYTH: There is no magical database that you just pop someone's social security number in and BOOM, there is their background. People who are criminals NEVER use their social security number and it's the first thing they lie about. The most accurate identifyers are the name in conjunction with the date of birth.

    Just my opinion from a former insider

  • My organization, Human Resource Advantage, performs full service background screens and drug testing progrms. I would be happy to discuss your needs.

    Steve Kraus
    Human Resource Advantage
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