Progressive Discipline

For example: In a labor agreement, an employee will not be disciplined or discharged except for just cause. Except for major infractions and/or serious misconduct where discharge for a first offense could be observed. The employee's prior record will be included among the factors to be weighed by management in determining an appropriate penalty. The employee has two verbal warnings in her employee file for tardiness. No other problems.

She recently committed a major offense. How much weight would two verbal warnings hold along with the major offense to terminate the employee?


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  • I'm responding for two reasons: 1) to bump this up for more review, and 2) to ask you to be more clear about the situation and the question that you are asking.
  • Yes what was the major infraction? But I would throw in that attendance warnings are not something that should be heavily factored in regard to a rule/discipline issue. Not disregarded, but two previous warnings for safety or policy violations would factor more than attendance for me.
    Also in evaluating the prior record how long has the person been there? A nine month employee or a 9 year employee need to be looked at differently.
    My $0.02 worth.
    DJ The Balloonman
  • I agree that a couple of verbal warnings would likely not provide a significant foundation for elevating a level for discipline related to "a major offense;" unless that offense is in some way linked, such as calling-in sick and going golfing or something. In which case she would have aggravated the attendance problem by linking it with dishonesy--a major offense, in anyone's book.
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