Green Cards

As an employer is it incumbant on me to track the dates on the I-9 forms and request an updated green card if the date on the green card that I have a copy of expires?


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  • Yes, you must recertify the I-9 forms when the greencard expires. You are responsible for making sure these forms are complete and up to date. If this employee has not updated his/her greencard or does not have a valid social security card you may send this employee home without pay until such documentation is obtained.

  • I have a notice from the INS (Employer Information Bulletin 99-23) that states "An expired Form I-551 card does not require reverification for purposes of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9." However, an expired card is not an acceptable document for use in completing an I-9 for new employment. I suspect you could have a problem if a current employee holding a permanent resident card is not allowed to work merely because his/her card has expired, since lawful permanent residency is not affected by the expiration of the card. I'd very much appreciate a response from someone who can verify the above in case I've misinterpreted the notice.

  • You ask a question I'd also like to know the answer to. Why does a permanent resident card have an expiration date and what happens when that date comes around?

  • The permanent resident cards that I have seen do not have a expiration date. The cards that say resident alien generally have a date the ones that I have seen that say permanent resident say right on the back that there is no expiration date.

  • I recently called INS and finally got to talk to an individual. I was informed that the expiration date on the green card does not apply to the status of the individual. Therefore as long as the date of hire precedes the date of expiration then the company has not violated any statues, rules or laws. Betty at Customer Service at the INS said the employers do not have to monitor expiration dates or asked for updated green cards.

  • The permanent resident cards that I have seen do not have an expiration date and say on the back that the status is permanent and does not expire. The resident alien cards I see have the expiration dates on them.

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