Kindly help - Over qualified with local education but the employer still wants equivelancy for lower

Hello Everyone,  

I am writing to you regarding an HR problem I am facing. I would really appreciate your kindness. 

I recently applied for a job with a City in Canada. I was asked to take 2 written tests and one interview (a panel interview). Everything happened one after the other, so it seems like I cleared all the steps one by one before they sent me to the next level.  Then I was asked for my professional references, copies of my educational certificates and a to fill out a form for criminal checks. I provided the HR department everything. 

But then they called me and said that even though I have two post graduate certificates in the same field, but the job requirement mentioned post-secondary diploma/degree. And even though have a bachelor and a masters degree but they are from a foreign country and I need Canadian equivalency report. (My two post graduate certificates are from a Canadian institute, so there is no problem there)

They are waiting for me to provide that but the problem is that documents have to come from a foreign country and it took days and then the processing in Canada could take any number of days. So I want to know what should I do? What are my options, what should I do so that the opportunity is not taken away from me as I am clearly their top choice for this position. 

Also, when I have two post graduate degrees, one of them is exactly what they want and the second one is also very relevant to the position. So, since I have 2 post grad certificates, do they still need my post-secondary diploma/degree. Also, if the Canadian educational institute admitted to the post graduate, isn't it proof enough that of course I have the undergrad degree? ( I have provided them copies of my foreign degrees and have offered to submit original degrees for their review as well).

I would greatly appreciate your insight, advise on what I should do at this stage to convince the HR to either give me more time or accept my candidature as such. 

I would really appreciate all kindness. Please help. 


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