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I would like to take the opportunity of introducing
the Psychometric tests.Psychometric assessments
play an important role by being consistent and impartial and they can enhance
the objectivity of the selection process. These tests judge employees on their
skills for the problem solving and the supervising ability of the employees and
also judge them on various parameters. Before hiring person job competencies
and personality factors need to be assessed. Psychometrics may be used to
assess how a respondent's profile will affect their potential performance in a
given role.

Central Test, Leader in
online psychometric testing, was the first to introduce e-testing to the HR
market in many countries. Our online platform allows you to manage all your HR
assessments independently. From your client account you can register
candidates, send test invitations, view test results, and configure job

Our tests are available in
nine different languages and are scientifically validated and conform to all
the international psychometric criteria of the American Psychological
Association (APA) and the International Test Commission (ITC), of which Central
Test is a member. Details of these credentials are available in the manuals
that accompany our tests.

Our range
of tests

Tests offers 10 different psychometric tests in two main categories.

assessment helps you identify dominant personality traits in the work environment.
Such personality tests also allow you to identify candidates ‘innate
aptitudes with reference to a comprehensive selection of jobs and potential

2.      SKILLS AND APTITUDE:This assessments
helps to measure reasoning, emotional intelligence and linguistic abilities.
These aptitude tests allows you to predict how prospective employees will
perform in a particular job role and to simplify the implementation of internal
evaluations or trainings.

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