Drug Test and Methadone Clinics

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I am new to this site though am excited about finding a trove of information. I own a small restaurant employing 21 people. I do not require drug test on new employees and I am aware of casual drug use in the industry. My question pertains specifically to methadone clinics. I have an employee who visits a methadone clinic daily. I have been aware of this since early in employment with the employee openly volunteering the information, and asking for advances to pay the dosage fee. Also freely volunteered was the information that the methadone clinic was the result of past drug usage. Recently we have noticed behavior changing and have had concerns presented to us that the employee is openly on prescription drugs. My industry is incredibly challenging related to finding good people who care and is known for its high attrition rates. The employee has been with me for over a year and I am not looking to terminate the employee, but I cannot have a person interacting with the public while abusing prescription drugs in addition to the methadone treatment.

I do want things to work out with the employee and have a strong relationship. I am looking for information on whether I can require a regular drug test on this employee. I know the methadone clinic requires regular testing, can I ask the employee to provide me with a copy of this test?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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