Need advice from HR folks anonymously


I recently had a new manager that has started to pull work items
from me and give them to another person.  I am a senior configuration manager and have been working on turning
my company around from a software release standpoint.  We had been
struggling to release a single product when I first arrived and now we have fully automated builds, source control,deploy automation and issue tracking, that allows us to release several products at the same
time via push button deploys.  These are things that we personally implemented while working for this company.

Most of this was accomplished as a remote employee as I get to work from my home.   

I was mentioning, about 8 months ago, I got a new manager who is trying to change everything.  His general direction is good but its caused issues with me.,    He brought in a number of highly paid
contract software developers to work on a large scale project.  This is great for the company but he is now excluding me from being able to do my work and help in areas that
are directly on my performance review.   I have been a good performer being rated a 4.5 out of 5
performer the past 3 evaluations.   My last
evaluation was in January and it was a 4.5 as well.    I work 50+ hour weeks
for the past 3 years  to make things better at my company giving it my all.

My areas of responsibility was build and build systems, source control, environment setup, issue tracking tools, software deploy/release.

I am disappointed that with
a new product set that is important to our company, my manager is now
excluding me from the new work,.    He has given the build/ deploy piece to a
contract developer who has not done build / deploys as I have for the past 8-10 years.   Our environment work was also given to a different
group.   I am not even privy to the information.    I have been
relegated to working our current product set which the new product set

I feel like i am being pushed out and excluded for being a remote employee.

do I handle this?   My experience with going to HR is that it gets
worse.    My approach so far has been to go with the flow and continue
to get my job done with what work I still have left.  I continue to try and get along with my manager without being confrontational.

I just be looking for a new job?   I really enjoyed the work I was
doing and the like having an impact on what our company was doing.


What should I do

Help and advice would be appreciated.

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