Holiday pay during workman's comp "light duty"

If you have an hourly employee on "light duty", ordered by a doctor, but one of those light duty days is a holiday, are they entitled to be paid 8 hours of holiday pay? I have a situation where an employee was put on light duty for a week and the Monday of that week was a holiday. Since he would have normally only worked that day for 5 hours, instead of 8, he was only paid for 5 hours of holiday pay even though everyone else in the company was paid 8?

 On his employment offer letter, it states he will be paid for 5 holidays a year, this holiday was on the list. 



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  • Is the WC insurance carrier currently making up the difference in wages (from 5 hours to 8 hours each day)? If so, I would contact the rep assigned to make sure they were continuing to pay lost wages and how they wanted you to handle the holiday.  I would suspect that they are paying the difference as lost wages. Because normally he would have worked and been paid for 8 hours.  The last thing you want is for him to be paid by both. 

    One thing to consider though is that lost wages go into your insurance rate calculation and can really increase your rates more than just paying full pay originally.

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