Advice on PHR / SPHR Exam

I'm just completing my SHRM study system through a college which consists of a total of 8 - 6 hour days.  I will have 6 weeks to CRAM for the exam.  Any helpful experiences to share or pointers for study / prep for the exam? 


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  • I recently passed the SPHR exam, and I think the biggest help was taking practice tests several times.  It helps get a sense of timing so you complete the whole test.  Also, reading the explanations when I had incorrect responses was very helpful. 

     Best of luck! 

  • Was this from the SHRM system or another?  I keep getting controversial information on how effective the material seems to be.

  • No, I did not use SHRM's system, so I cannot tell you anything about the effectieness of that.  I needed to self-study, so I purchased some books on the exam and created an outline to study from.   
  • I passed the SPHR exam in December 2007. I attended SHRM prep classes for 3 hours a week for 12 weeks at a local college. We went through about half of each module each week. It was great being able to ask questions and learn from other HR folks as well as from the instructor. After I finished the classes, I scheduled my exam for seven weeks later then I reread the study guide for one module each week then nothing the 7th week. Then I took the exam and passed with no problem. I followed the same routine when I achieved PHR certification a couple of years before that, and it worked, so I stuck with the same process. The test itself wasn't as difficult as I had expected it to be and I scored higher than I did on any of the practice exams. 

    I recommend that you take at least one practice exam so you can get a feel for how it works. And, read, read, read!

    Best of luck on your exam.

    Sharon McKnight, SPHR

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