Grad Program Interview Questions - Please Help!!

I am an MBA grad student that is currently taking a course in HR management in healthcare organizations.  As part of my assignment, I need to interview an HR manager/professional that is in the healthcare industry.  If you would like to help me out, please answer the following questions:

  1. Your name, title/position title, experience, and organization name.
  2. Is the HR director part of the Executive Management Team?
  3. What type of input does the HR Department have on organizational decisions?
  4. Are there any specific theories that the HR department uses when determining its course of action?
  5. What are some of the greatest HR issues currently faced in health care and/or what are common issues seen in your organization?
  6. Does the HR department have a specific strategy or blueprint separate from the overall strategic plan for the organization?
  7. Does the HR department work on any type of competency analysis/testing for employees? Is this a formal or informal method? Is this process managed more by the clinical department manager or by HR?
  8. Does your company currently have a succession plan in place for any of the departments in the organization.  If so, which ones, and how involved was the HR department in creating the succession plans.

Any assistance you provide will be greatly appreciated and very helpful.  If you cannot answer one or more of the questions that is okay, just answer n/a.

Thank you in advance! 

Jessica Rundell (Minneapolis, MN)

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