I was paid "salary" with base pay less than $455 / week

 I got a bit of a complicated story but ill try to keep it simple.

I was a "department" head of a grocery store with a base pay originally at $400 a week when I got promoted. Then I got another pay raise 6 months later at $450 / week. Wasnt until about another year after that I was making more than 450 a week. In the mean time I was working 6 days a week. 9 hour shifts. With several weeks I  worked well over 60 hours a week.

Long story short.. I was scheduled for 54 hours a week. Base pay of 400 / week + 1 extra day salary at "base" pay which was regular straight pay no over time or time and half. So I got paid $480 for the week. $80 / day. 80 x 6 days = 480. Gross before taxes. This "extra" pay was categorized as performance bonus on my pay check. I also wasn't in immediate supervision of any other part time/ full time employees. 99% of the time I was working by myself. No hire or fire authority. The list goes on. Seems to me I was made salary so they could avoid paying me over time.

What is your opinions // thoughts? This was about 2 years ago. I still work for the same company but im in a different position now. 




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